Why Staff maybe more important than the GM

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Often but not always - Staff can be the most overlooked asset in the Hotel

Why Staff maybe more important than the GM

Why Staff maybe more important than the GM

1 - A Hotel can run (for periods of a time) without a GM, yet it cannot run a single day without “Staff”. This is not to suggest that the GM is un-important, indeed he/she is acknowledged and credited as number one. It’s to highlight the power of the Hotel is first and foremost in the hands of the “Staff”.

2 - The first people that guests greet are “Staff”. Whether they are greeted by concierge, a porter, or front desk. Staff are guests first point of interactive contact and engagement. It’s also the place where “guest reviews” are formulated upon. 

3 - Often the number one KPI is revenue, which in turn boils down to numbers, down to occupancy, down to marketing, down to “Staff”. Who in turn do the marketing, account for budgeting, run the restaurants, rooms, spa’s, events, and all other areas of the Hotel. From raw and direct data, more often than not a Hotel’s results can be traced back to one common denominator. It’s the “Staff” that matter most.


The conclusion 

Re-printed from elsewhere, “look after the Staff and the Hotel will take care of itself”. Though a little brief and harsh and perhaps better re-conveyed as; Instead of all focus being placed on revenue, budget and costs and driving one to stress in the process. Take just 10% of that focus and for a moment, re-orientate it directly towards staff. Mentally imagine yourself in their shoes. Think feel and imagine working from their daily role. Now imagine a guest is coming towards you, i.e imagine that guest is a KPI. Now imagine that KPI is being met by another KPI, i.e. Staff. That is, you now have a face to face situation of two KPI’s. 


They now look like this. KPI + KPI = guest + staff = + or - (plus or minus)


Roughly translated it means a staff member meets a guest which then creates a positive or negative outcome. Which in turn contributes to or away from KPI achievement. 

Stick with the imagination of being in the Staff’s shoes and feel which outcome happened. Which was it? Positive or negative? And if by any chance it was negative, how might you be able to influence and guide the outcome to become a positive? 

In my view it’s the “Staff” that matter most, and avoiding a sales pitch. Two known influencers that can guide negative to positive outcomes are TiA for Staff and Quantum Leadership for GM’s. Of course one may choose their own methods of development and staff training, just outlining here It’s the “Staff” that matter most.            


The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.

Henry Ford



Hope this helps



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