The Impact of COVID to Hospitality Suppliers

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Know a full-fledged marketplace for hospitality suppliers from all over the world.

The Impact of COVID to Hospitality Suppliers

2020 did start on a positive note, there were fireworks, parties, and events around the world. People travelled across the oceans and hotels were all full, the F&B was booming, and restaurants booked up much in advance. It felt like just the normal and better year for the hospitality suppliers in the UAE. Who knew this was the start of something worse coming up, not just for the UAE but for the entire hospitality industry in the world? March saw the closing of flights and complete lockdown in the countries, COVID has undoubtedly changed the methods by which we all lead our lives. 


As 2020 began, the Dubai hospitality industry was gearing for exponential growth as World Expo-2020 was expected to resume in October 2020. Around 25 million tourists were expected to visit Dubai during the 6 months of the Dubai Expo. The increasing no. of Coronavirus cases saw the closing of hotels and restaurants as Dubai went on complete lockdown. All the major events, exhibitions, award ceremonies in Dubai were canceled. The whole world was under lockdown and the flights came to a complete stop. 


Every year, Dubai hosts numerous hospitality exhibitions and events which attract thousands of visitors and suppliers from all over the world. The suppliers come from the East and the West, from various regions, supplying their products and looking for some big contracts. They spend millions in creating a booth in the Exhibition Centre, traveling with their teams, and for miscellaneous other things to just interact with the right potential buyer. Dubai exhibitions offer suppliers a direct connection with the decision-makers in the UAE. Even if they bag one large contract, their participation is successful. During these exhibitions, a diverse line of suppliers is seen showcasing their products, linen, kitchen appliances, furniture, arts, food and drinks, fruits, flowers, uniforms, security supplies, and various others. COVID has brought everything to still.


As the hotel and hospitality companies are suffering, the suppliers of the hospitality industry are also suffering. There is no place where they can list their products and contact their potential buyers directly. has understood the need and has created a full-fledged marketplace for the hospitality suppliers where the hotel and hospitality suppliers from all over the world can list their products. They can verify their companies on which provides a sense of confidence amongst the buyers. There is also an option of rating and reviews on the website where the buyers can rate the suppliers after having a successful business partnership. provides a list of products and companies for the hospitality companies where they can directly contact the suppliers from anywhere in the world. Dubai still has a large number of hotels in the pipeline, when they open, they can benefit from the Marketplace on Creating a supplier account and listing a product on the Marketplace is an easy process, though buy and sell happens directly by the buyers and sellers outside and on their terms. To create a supplier account, the company needs to verify by


If you are a supplier who sells to the hospitality industry, you can create your own mini-site and company page on and connect with potential buyers overseas. To know more about the supplier account and marketplace listing opportunities, visit today.