What is the Current Job Market for Hotel Management Students in Dubai during the Pandemic?

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UAE has become a huge market for travel and tourism

What is the Current Job Market for Hotel Management Students in Dubai during the Pandemic?

Technology has made it easier for the students to explore the shores and the mountains across the globe. The hospitality industry gives them a chance to dream, to be on a cruise, shrimping the fish, spinning the bottles at the bar, or being at a pristine beach resort serving the best dishes to the travelers. The students of the hospitality industry have all these opportunities to choose from, they can even dream of flying nonstop on a business class lounge attending the prime guests.

The UAE has become a huge market for travel and tourism and most of the luxury brands have expanded their business in the Emirates. As the hotel expanded in UAE lands, many Hotel Management Schools in Dubai also launched its doors to train the graduates who can later join the hospitality industry not only in the Emirates but around the globe. There is a huge demand for hotel management students from a multicultural background, there are currently 186 nationalities that call UAE home. Students can get an 11-month Intern visa to train under talented professionals and then continue their journey back home. Hospitality companies in the UAE can issue visas, they also provide housing and food during the internship. It is a great opportunity for hotel management students to explore the Middle East shores.

Due to the pandemic, when most of the flights are grounded and travel restrictions are in place. The UAE has opened its door to travelers and hotels are now open to serve the guests. Students who are currently residing in the Emirates have better chances to get a job since they are present in the country but there is no harm in applying even if you are living abroad as most of the HR and Talent Management team maintains a file of selected candidates. Even if there is no requirement now, you can be contacted as the travel opens.

Students studying in the final year of college are understandably experiencing a lot of panic and uncertainty when it comes to their employment prospects, as they will be graduating during the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the schools are now conducting online classes and there is no clarity if they will reopen in September.

It is best for students to use time in quarantine as an advantage to gain more knowledge about the industry and receive more suited certifications. Completing a SWOT analysis, identifying personal Strengths and Weaknesses, and the Opportunities and Threats in the workplace at the moment. Only then can students have a clear idea of which skills they need to improve.

Once the market opens, the big question interviewers will ask is 'What did you do in lockdown? It's on you if you drop out or take more certifications to help you grow in career. There will be questions about, 'What did you do that's put you in a better position?'"

What you choose to do will vary from person to person, but you should focus on building your CV. This might be through volunteering or developing your skills in an online course in topics

Applying for Jobs: -Other than finding jobs directly on company websites, there are plenty of other places students can look for jobs. Hotel Jobs in Dubai are very popular among hotel management students to get International exposure.

Job Portal

Using recruitment agencies' job boards, such as the Hozpitality.com where hospitality companies around the world post jobs, there are filters to efficiently narrow down your job search. Finding a job through Hozpitality.com offers easy job registrations and the networking system helps you stay connected to your peers and other professionals.

Network with other Professionals: - Networking is an essential part of the recruitment process, only 20% of jobs are advertised on different platforms and most are done through references. Join your school alumni on Hozpitality.com and study their career path. Connect and keep in touch on regular basis, so whenever there is an opportunity, they can connect to you directly. Alternatively, you could look at associations and the members within those associations. Also, connect with other industry professionals and read their updates. People normally share job updates on social media so you can be stay updated.

When to apply for jobs

We always advise graduates to start out applying as early as possible. Usually, big employers have quite rigid timetabling, whereas smaller companies tend to rent all year round. "It's a myth that if you don't have employment by the autumn you've missed the boat and need to await subsequent round of recruitment. Even if you get to the autumn and haven't got anything, keep going – that'll be the key time."

While this is applicable to direct entry jobs, many graduate scheme recruiters are choosing to defer recruitment: Most are postponing, but none have canceled. We had clients who have posted vacancies this month and seized them for a while, reposted are still honoring them.

Online Interviews are new norms in Recruitment

Most employers are switching their recruitment process online. Before the pandemic, many larger companies were either already starting to make the switch or considering it. Now it's crucial that companies have a robust online presence when it involves recruitment, as many students do not have the choice to attend an in-person interview.

Nearly all interviews, assessment centers, and psychometric tests are now conducted entirely online. this suggests that firms are ready to recruit students and graduates without breaking lockdown rules.

Students can prepare themselves for this by doing mock online interviews, "This will help make them easier, also as ensuring that the camera angle's right which there are not any distractions within the background".