World's Highest Pop Up Dining Experience Comes to Life!

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Triyagyoni at the Everest region promising an experience like never before.

World's Highest Pop Up Dining Experience Comes to Life!

Chef Sanjay Thakur, founder of Triyagyoni will be joined by WorldChefs President Chef Thomas A Gugler. With the expertise in the Himalayan region, this time chefs are turning up the heat promising an experience like never before. We are aiming at an altitude over 20000feet this time which will be over 6000 meters.

Guests get to choose their journey although the event will take place on the 14th of May. 

Options to reach to the altitude by the guests is by flying and climatized at designated spots tailor-made journey will be discussed with each individual Guests to make sure complete comfort, satisfaction and safety.

The whole purpose of creating Triyagyoni is to promote indigenous ingredients and support the cause of Sustainability not just in conferences but on ground zero and showcase when sustainable restaurants can be created at an extreme, why such efforts take so much on normal conditions.

The inspiration comes from the Himalayan region where the people don’t just believe in sustainable life but are living one such life which should be showcased on a global platform. 

As it would be a Guinness world record attempt if executed under all the official guidelines guests would be awarded the Guinness world record certificates to dine at the world's most extreme end. 

A 7-course menu will Highlight Himalayan ranges from India and Nepal with Foragers who have already started extensive research for the menu already Alongside Chef Sanjay Thakur, Dr. Anil Thakur will lead the team of Foraging. Being the First Foraging duo in India we always believe we forage not to impress or for business modules like many but highlight the beauty of nature in its purest form.

It’s a limited event with only 25 diners to have an opportunity of a lifetime to dine in World's official balcony 

Prices will include stay, food and flights from Kathmandu to Kathmandu back.

Having World President Chef Thomas A Gugler onboard elevated the whole scene of Triyagyoni this year and would be a Culinary event of the year.