5 Awesome Tips on When is the Good Time to Apply for Hotel Jobs in Dubai, UAE

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Written by Vandana Bhatt of Hozpitality Group

5 Awesome Tips on When is the Good Time to Apply for Hotel Jobs in Dubai, UAE

A significant number of youth and professionals land at Dubai International Airport every day, all they need is that the dreams to conquer the world. A dream to get the paths resulting in a new world of success. These youth arrive from different countries but mainly from the neighboring countries and continents. There are plenty of opportunities within the sprawling city like Dubai. A city where you'll experience sun-drenched terraces, bustling nightlife, and skyscrapers, Dubai is a city that never sleeps. The tourism industry has been flourishing here for quite 2 decades and lots of want to be a neighborhood of it. Dubai comprises only a couple of locals, Emiratis and the remainder of them are all expats working in Dubai from all over the world.

Although Dubai may be a desert that turns extremely hot in the summer with the mercury reaching up to the extent of fifty degrees, there are delightful winter months. During this blog, we'll discuss when is the best time to find Hotel Jobs in Dubai.

First, let’s understand when the time for Dubai hotels bag up and monetize. There are a couple of seasons when the hotel sales go high and therefore the recruitment drive goes high and there are times when the recruitment goes on freeze. Before you book a flight to Dubai to explore the roles within the hospitality industry, make sure you do your homework.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival brings the most important chunk of enthusiastic shoppers to Dubai. It’s the time when branded stores and large malls announce terrific sales and discounts. it's been known that folks like to shop in Dubai instead of taking a visit to Italy or Paris due to the presence of all the exclusive brands available in Dubai. The hospitality industry booms around this point of the year, the DSF is usually during the month of January when the weather is additionally pleasant. Most of the hotels run on a high percentage during this era and therefore the requirement of staff is on the high rise.

As per the reports, from 26 December 2019 to 1 February 2020, Dubai witnessed innovative experiences, world-class concerts and events, outdoor markets, fireworks display, unbelievable shopping, and spectacular activations, in celebration of Dubai Shopping Festival's (DSF) 25th anniversary. 

The festival took over the town, transforming it into a must-visit destination with quite 3,847 events, over 4,000 participating outlets offering deals and discounts, and AED50 million worth of prizes given away in 38 days.


Big exhibitions and events increase many International visitors in Dubai. There are sorts of exhibitions catering to different industries, running all around the year that sees thousands of tourists to Dubai World Trade Centre. Some of the biggest events are GulFood, Arabian Travel Market, GITEX and Big 5. 

According to the DWTC website; Events at DWTC generated a total value of AED 23 billion with a high AED 13.1 billion retained within Dubai’s GDP, representing a powerful leakage ratio of under 43% for a largely import-based economy.

Dubai’s economy continues to experience sustained growth from the contribution of business tourism, thereby driving the nation’s economic diversification agenda prioritized within the UAE Centennial 2071 strategy. As such, the Dubai World Trade Centre’s (DWTC) portfolio of companies and therefore the activities enabled by events hosted, organized and delivered at the venue, generate high returns for ancillary industries across the MICE ecosystem, while continuing to function an economic catalyst for the country. The company’s latest Economic Impact Assessment report for 2018 saw a record AED 13.1 billion, as 3.3% of the emirate’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), added in incremental retained value by DWTC. The study estimated the entire corresponding gross output of those activities at AED 23 billion, leading to a high 57% locally retained impact – marking the third increase over 2017.

Europe accounted for the very best number of international business event visitors (25%), followed by the GCC (21%), and therefore the MENA region (17%). the highest 10 source markets – the dominion of Saudi Arabia, India, Oman, China, Egypt, Turkey, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Kuwait – all lie within an eight-hour flight path from Dubai, highlighting the city’s growing significance as a premier business destination at the crossroads between the East and therefore the West.

Eid in Dubai

Gift-giving is a crucial part of the Eid holiday and therefore the city's malls and boutiques become hotspots for flash sales and bargains leading up to the long weekend. From discounts at department shops and big-name brands to seasonal Eid collections, the bulk of Dubai's malls get into the spirit of the vacation a method or another.

Eid is the time to be with families and friends. Dubai celebrates a month of Ramadan where nightly Ramadan Iftars are hosted by the hotels and restaurants. Eid holidays last for nearly 5 days or a week sometimes which sees an increase in GCC travelers. It's one of the simplest times to experience the dazzling Dubai. The roads and public buildings are all decorated and lighted up in the dark.

National Day, Christmas and New Year

Dubai marks its National day per annum on December 2, it's time for a weeklong series of events. After National day, it’s soon time to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Most of the expats like to invite their families to Dubai during this season as Dubai has the foremost pleasant weather. This counts to more sales within the hospitality industry when the residents explore surroundings and facilities with the city. The traveler’s book on high demand during this season as Dubai is one of the most demanded destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Now since we understood the peak times when the hospitality industry booms in Dubai and the hotels, restaurants, and airlines all are seeing the occupancy and high rates. There are a few tips you can follow on finding hotel jobs in Dubai during this time.

1. Best Time to find a Job in Dubai

The recruitment usually starts from September to November and then the hotels get busy to prepare for the Holiday season. January and February see a rise in hotel jobs again. Although there is always a small turn over in the hotels and they recruit a few positions every month but that goes quite slow.

2. Pre-opening Recruitment

There are a lot of hotels opening in Dubai, keep an eye on social media pages. Join the pages for recruitment companies or Job boards like hozpitality.com to know which hotel is recruiting. The hotels often hold recruitment open days in Dubai, and they prefer people working in Dubai or on a visit. For this, they mostly prefer locally available candidates only who can attend the face to face interviews. Once selected the joining date is usually a month, which can benefit you in case you have a notice period to serve. The selection process goes through different channels and it takes time to apply for the visa and all.

3. Register on Job Boards and Networking websites 

If you are anxiously searching for hotel jobs in Dubai, you should register on the niche hospitality job boards such as hozpitality.com which publishes the jobs only from Hotels, restaurants, and airlines. Once you apply, your profile will reach the employer and will be seen by the Recruiter in the hotel itself and should they choose to proceed with you, they will contact you directly. Networking websites like LinkedIn and Hozpitalityplus can connect you to the HR professionals and employees in the hotel, keep checking their timeline to know if they have any requirement.

4. The worst time to visit Dubai for jobs

Please note Ramadan and Summer months are not very productive so you don’t want to waste your time and money to explore job opportunities in Dubai during that period. Although you can still keep applying online. There are new hotels recruiting at times during summer also but it’s always a challenge.

5. Jobs on Visit Visa

People on visit visas can apply for jobs but cannot work legally in Dubai. To work in Dubai, you should have a work permit and residence visa. To read more on applying for jobs on visit visa and how to sustain in Dubai, pls refer, How Can You Get a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa