How Can You Get a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa

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Written by Vandana Bhatt of Hozpitality Group

How Can You Get a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa

Dubai is the dream destination for many! Thousands of new candidates arrive at Dubai airport every day with an ambition to create a future in this mighty land. Dubai has been kind to many and through references and words going around, a new group of enthusiasts arrives to try their luck. In my 13 years of recruitment career, I have seen some of them getting a job the next day arrived, some in a day and some just get disheartened and leave. I would say, there is definitely a luck factor! But one should always try, why not!

How can you get a job in Dubai?

You can enter Dubai either on a work permit or a visit visa. Work permits are often provided by the employer for talents who have certain experience in their industry. These candidates apply online or through agencies and attend various phone calls, Skype calls after getting screened by an employer. If they select the candidate, they can just apply for their work permit which is valid for 2 years and then a candidate can enter Dubai.

This system usually works for Senior employees who are skilled and bring certain value to the organization. It could also work for blue-collar or line-level employees but they will have to apply through an agency in their country. The companies in Dubai often hire through certified recruitment agencies in bulk. The company then travels to several countries to interview and to select suitable candidates who receive an offer letter and work permit from the company after they are selected.

So many people still arrive in Dubai on a visit visa and look for work. Companies often prefer to hire someone who is on a visit visa as it gives them an opportunity to meet them face to face. The maximum duration for a visit visa in Dubai is 3 months but it can be renewed, though we are not sure if it's legal to stay and look for work on a Visit visa.

If you arrived on a Visit visa and are dreaming to work in any prestigious establishments in Dubai. We have spoken to a few people who came here on a visit. They can here through friends who are already working or some had relatives.

It's easier for some to get the desired job very easily but some face challenges. If you want to sail a bit further to try this hard. Here some tips to keep you sane during your job search:-

Tips on how to survive in Dubai when you are still unemployed

  • First and foremost is you need to do a little research on what Dubai is especially when it will be your first time to travel to Dubai. So you will just have a little idea what will you expect on. Inform yourself not only on tourist attractions and things to do but also the rules and regulations so you can explore Dubai without any fines.
  • When coming to Dubai and you are looking for Jobs you need to have a positive mind and lots of patience you know, everything in the start is not easy.
  • Spend your money wisely. living in Dubai is quite costly especially for accommodation prices starts at 700 AED and it's for bed space only you can find cheaper like 500 AED or 600 AED but it's like 15 people in one room with one washroom. The more comfortable the room is, the more pricey it is. So spend your money wisely, if it is not needed don’t buy it. if it is just walking distance just walk find every way to save money.
  • Keep yourself updated on the job openings. Join FB pages that post vacancies (just make sure it is legit) Update your LinkedIn, read newspapers, create an account on job sites, There are many ways to know about job openings you just have to.
  • Make friends. For example, while waiting on an interview, talk to your co-applicants make some friends you don’t know maybe they can give you suggestions on a company that is on hiring or they can help you find cheaper accommodation or cheaper agency to help you with your exit. You’ll never know who you can meet along the way.
  • Check your visa. It is important to know when will your visa expires to avoid overstay and face charges. There are many cheap agencies that offer different packages on Visa change. Look for them on FB just make sure they are legit.
  • Don’t loose hope. Just what the second tips say, just be patient in applying, there are days that seem like you just want to give up, but don’t. Remember why you are here, just try and try and be positive always.


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