Happy times ahead as Rove Hotels & Dubai Police become official Happiness Partners

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Following the massive success of their collaboration back in March, Rove Hotels and Dubai Police have been confirmed as official Happiness Partners

Happy times ahead as Rove Hotels & Dubai Police become official Happiness Partners

Things have just gotten even more exciting at Rove Hotels after receiving certification to confirm its official Happiness Partnership with Dubai Police. The welfare of Rovers and Rovesters is of the utmost importance to Rove and is central to its overall strategy; therefore, joining the select group of awardees of the special certificate has been welcomed as a huge honour for the hotel group. Contributing to the government’s vision to make the UAE one of the happiest countries in the world is a responsibility Rovesters take very seriously – but with smiles on their faces of course.

The partnership comes after the Rove team’s headline-grabbing activations in celebration of International Day of Happiness in March, which saw them collaborate with the Dubai Police to establish Happiness Hubs around the community. Five days of good vibes, smiles and high fives ensued as the Rovesters, led by Rove’s Chief Happiness officer, Happyness Chipote, jumped aboard the Roving Bus, spreading joy, fun, and lively music at landmarks around Dubai. Collaborators such as DJ Bliss and the improv theatre collective, Courtyard Playhouse, were on hand to lend their support and join in the fun. The outpouring of positivity from the public towards the initiative was enough to convince Dubai Police that Rove Hotels is the perfect partner to paint a broad smile on the mood of the city.         

Emphasising the significance of Rove’s partnership with Dubai Police in the long run, Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Rove Hotels, stated, “Spreading positivity is not just a one-day or week-long project for Rove; it is a priority that is strived for in each aspect of everything Rove does. Making a worthwhile impact on the community and helping it to be an even better place for Rovers, Rovesters, and everyone in between is a primary objective for Rove Hotels.”     

Actions speak louder than words, however, and that’s why the collaboration with Dubai Police is just one of the ways Rove is demonstrating that its hotels are more than just buildings in the neighbourhood; they are epicentres of activitiy in the community, made up of friends and neighbours who believe in giving back and helping out. Rove hopes to play its part by setting an example that leads to an improved city, a happier country, and ultimately, a healthier planet.   


About Rove Hotels:
A contemporary midscale hotel brand that reflects the pulse of Dubai, Rove Hotels is a joint venture between Meraas and Emaar Properties PJSC.
Designed for the new generation traveller who recognises value, stays connected through technology and gravitates towards culturally-inspired surroundings, Rove Hotels defines a new niche in Dubai’s vibrant hospitality sector.
Rove Hotels are reliable, modern, fuss-free and super-efficient for the young and young at heart who lead fast-paced urban lives. Efficiency and technology are the watchwords at Rove Hotels which will resonate to the mindset of the highly mobile socially connected global nomads, who explore without borders.
With a focus on design, urban life and uplifting experiences, Rove Hotels assure total harmony with seamless guest service, high aesthetic standards in design and superior comfort.
Rove Hotels has four properties in well-connected locations across Dubai – Rove Downtown, Rove Healthcare City, Rove City Centre and Rove Trade Centre. Other properties will be in Dubai Marina and nearby to Dubai Parks and Resorts. www.rovehotels.com