Eye of The Tiger Focus & Motivation

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This is a story about Nas, a story about flexibility, change, focus & motivation, confidence and character building, and I have posted it here because another mentoree of mine who is based in a 5 Star Hotel in Dubai thought it was applicable to his hotel job.....

Eye of The Tiger Focus & Motivation

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Reality Breakdown

At first glance, it looks like “Nas“ is sharpening his boxing skills, and it is true, he is. Yet viewed a little deeper and we see more than a gym, a man, and an elasticated bouncing tennis ball. 

Beyond the surface, we can see that Nas is developing “razor sharp focus”, and deeper still, we can sense and feel his connection to his inner-guru. Yet from a TiA point of view, what’s giving Nas the the eye of the tiger ?   

From A TiA Perspective 

From a TiA point of view, the higher-soul-spirit self projects a part of it’s conscious awareness into 3D reality, whereby the physical body is viewed as an Avatar, or put another way, “an instrument for the higher-self to operate and experience through“.

The higher-inner-soul-self motivates the Avatar (i.e. Nas) with an inner drive to achieve the desired goal. That is, consciously Nas may feel motivated, but not fully know why. Yet beyond the surface, that is, beyond everyday life and reality, the higher-self is in developing and refining “FOCUSED ATTENTION”.

With practice and repetition focused attention improves, which can then be used in any area of life. That is, Nas may develop razor sharp gym focus enabling him to achieve physical boxing accolades, yet he will eventually become conscious that his focused attention can be used for any area of life. Once developed, Nas’s focused attention can be used at work, home, in his personal and professional life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually wherever he so chooses.      


From A Quantum Perspective 

From a Quantum point of view, Nas’s cellular activity. That is his sub-atomic physical atoms have all lined up and are spinning the right way, in harmony and in sync enabling him to FOCUS.

What is now understood about Quantum activity is that there are 4 cell states and briefed down, when Nas is experiencing intense focus (an example is 15 seconds – pictured below), his cellular activity is in state 4 CREATING.

Why is this being outlined?  

Because it is now understood that our physical cells take instructions and when we learn how to instruct these cells, then your reality will change to match them. 


From A “Behind The Scenes” Perspective 

10 & 13 SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO –  Nas takes his first elbow bounce of the ball, and then another at 13 seconds.

The Elbow governs the flexibility of the arm and the direction and length of reach thereby defining personal space” (Lise BourBeau)

It means that when demanded upon him, Nas was able to muster up his flexibility, and quickly changedirection (to keep him in the game).

All this happened in a flash, mostly unconscious, yet at a deeper level it suggests that while Nas is developing razor sharp focus, his inner guru is cultivating other qualities such as already mentioned, i.e. flexibility - the ability to change direction quickly.

We can learn from Nas’s moves that if he didn’t apply flexibility and didn’t change direction, it would be game over very quickly, and when we apply that to our own everyday life, the ball can easily be replaced with money, job, career, relationships, etc, etc. That is, we all become comfortable doing and expecting the same thing, expecting the same result (like Nas punching his elasticated ball in the same direction). Though like the ball returns in an unpredictable manner, so too does our live's in so much that we never quite know how things are going to turn out, how a person, place or thing will act or react, and only when we do what Nas did, i.e. become flexible towards and expect CHANGE, can we remain in our own game of life.    

15 – 18 SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO – Nas is seen walking backwards, yet while doing this, he maintains seamless contact with the ball at all times. 

Walking backwards is something we often perceive as negative, yet as Nas takes this 3 second backward movement, and remember he doesn’t have a rear view camera, yet by walking backwards keeping his focus firmly ahead allows him to remain in the game.

On a deeper level it shows us that sometimes in life, walking backwards is not always negative, but necessary, and a vital natural aspect of life that provided we maintain a positive forward outlook, it allows us to quickly recover, re-balance, and once in control, change direction.

Another virtue of walking backwards is that once we rebalance and gain control “over any situation”, we begin to recover and from that recovery a new level of confidence comes forth which further goes onto deepen our positive motivational forces. You know how this feels when you’ve lost your own footing, yet quickly rebalanced and recovered. You feel like you’ve achieved something right?    


The Story Behind The Video

This video was shot spontaneously. After arriving at the gym and seeing this young man intensely and inspirationally focused, I interrupted to ask, “would it be OK if I shoot a little footage”. Nas as I now know his name politely obliged and what you see is 19 seconds of iPhone footage that has been re-worked into 1 minute 16 seconds.

The story isn’t just about a gym focused young man, which he is. It’s a story about flexibility, change, focus and motivation, confidence and character building. 

As I watched him move back and forth, up and down, hit up, bounce down, swing left, and turn right. It was obvious he was open to change, focused on forward actions, and motivated to complete those actions. All of which can be applied to our everyday life.

He was a positive reminder to always expect and embrace change, ( i.e. cultivate flexibility)

He was a positive reminder to practice as with all practice, it strengthens our focus.  

He was a positive reminder that motivation was emanating from the unspoken unbroken communication between his own inner guru, his inner-higher-self, his source of creation, his own eye of the tiger.

He’s was positive reminder to tune out from the noise of the external world, and tune into his inner-self.          

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Michael McGriffy