Hair loss: What are the best and effective 10 hair loss treatments for men?

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There are several hair loss remedies that are the best and effective for excessive hair fall in men.

Hair loss: What are the best and effective 10 hair loss treatments for men?

Hair loss is a common health condition in many men. Majority of person experience this problem due to some factors such as poor diet, smoking, puberty, and stress. 

Hair loss treatments in men

  1. Hair transplants: This treatment is totally safe and effective for hair fall in men. The hair transplant procedure has two types such as FUE and FUT. These both transplant procedures are effective and offer you a more natural look than others. Moreover, FUE is the modern transplant therapy with no scarring and FUT is the traditional therapy for hair fall.
  2. Oil massage-: Massage is another effective way to treat hair fall in men. You can simply massage your scalp and hair with essential oils such as coconut, olive, rosemary, and castor oil. These oils are useful for your scalp and promote hair growth. You must apply these oils on your scalp and before an hour of wash.
  3. Medications-: There are some types of medications, for example, Finasteride and Minoxidil. These both medicines are a great solution for hair loss. You can simply apply Minoxidil lotion on your scalp and hair because it promotes hair growth. Moreover, you should take Finasteride by your mouth in order to stop hair fall. You can also apply vitamin-E capsules on your scalp, which promote hair growth.
  4. Nizoral-: It is also effective to promote hair growth because it cures excessive dandruff which leads to hair breakage. You can simply apply the shampoo twice a week in order to nourish your scalp.
  5. Quit smoking-: You should quit smoking and liquor consumption which can lead to many health problems, for example, cancer. Cancer and cancer treatment are generally responsible for extreme hair loss and baldness. Heavy consumption of liquor can lead to complete baldness.
  6. Laser therapy-: Laser therapy is useful to reduce the irritation and inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles. Moreover, it is useful to treat male pattern baldness and promote hair growth.
  7. Eat healthy-: You should consume a healthy diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, and fibers. Iron and vitamin deficiency leads to excessive hair fall. You should eat foods such as spinach, walnuts, pomegranates, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, soy products, and eggs. Additionally, you should also consume foods rich in omega-3 fats such as salmon and egg yolks.
  8. Reduce stress-: You should reduce stress because stress is also responsible for extreme hair loss. You can simply join the yoga and meditation groups which are useful to reduce deep stress. You can also practice some exercise to keep yourself fit and relaxed.
  9. Aloe Vera-: Aloe vera is rich in nourishing and promoting properties. You can simply apply aloe vera and green tea water before the wash. It will nourish your scalp and promote the growth of hair follicles.
  10. Neem oil-: Neem oil is too effective for hair growth. You should apply some neem oil on your scalp a day before wash. If you do not have neem oil, then you can make oil at home with neem leaves. You just boil the neem leaves in coconut oil and apply this mixture on your scalp.
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