Introducing the Day of Disruption at AHIC 2019

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Returning to AHIC on Day 1, 9th of April 2019 in Ras Al Khaimah

Introducing the Day of Disruption at AHIC 2019

Last year’s Day of Disruption garnered encouraging support from the AHIC community, this year we’ve made it even better! Here are some highlights:

Julie Hamilton, Chief Customer and Commercial Leadership Officer, The Coca- Cola Company
Coca-Cola has been around for 133 years now! Learn how they’ve managed to stay on top and why the company is applauded worldwide for innovation in products, marketing and sustainability.

Bilal Kabbani Industry Head, Travel, Google UAE
Uncover smarter adoption of technology from the tech giant that has changed the way we live our lives. Future proof the hospitality business with Google at AHIC!

Jess Houlgrave Founder & Trustee, Foundation for Art and Blockchain
It’s time for a deep dive into exploring whether blockchain can really revolutionise the hospitality industry. Jess is a blockchain entrepreneur and Co-Founder of a decentralised registry for art and collectibles.

Sam Nazarian Founder & CEO, SBE
Learn from the founder of SBE Entertainment Group on how he created a brand based around experience from hotels to restaurants to nightclubs.

Dr Khosro Ezaz-Nikpay Director, Zendegii
Understand how thinking differently helped the founder of the world's first vegan and lowest calorie ice cream. Dr Ezaz-Nikpay is also behind the invention of the first Halal alcohol-free wine substitute! 

There’s plenty more to uncover during the Day of Disruption on 9 April 2019 at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference.

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