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116991 11 Feb 2019

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Upgrades Licensing Mechanisms for Food-vending Mobile Vans

The upgrade is in order to enhance doing business in Abu Dhabi

Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi ADDED is currently preparing a study to regulate and develop licensing mechanisms for Food-vending mobile vans under “Tajer Abu Dhabi License”. Which represents one of the initiatives in support of Abu Dhabi economy package aiming to facilitate doing economic businesses and supporting the private sector.

The study is intended to reorganize exercising this type of activity and to develop services sector through regulating doing business by Food-vending mobile vans. Ensuring the encouragement of entrepreneurs, in coordination with Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities as well as relevant entities at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

As well, the study is intended to update the controls on distributing the service of granting such licenses, and distributing the activities of mobile vans’ licenses & permits. According to the needs & requirements of the area or the targeted location to carry out the activity, and allocating specific and fixed places for it.

H.E. Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, the Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Business Center of the DED, emphasized that such study aims to regulate the mechanism of granting only the mobile vans’ licenses & permits. Besides, upgrading its appropriate controls and conditions, thus contributing to developing services sector and enhancing its role in the development of business sector & small enterprises.

He explained that suspending the issuance of the mobile vans’ licenses and permits will be on a temporary basis to undertake a study in this regard with relevant Government entities. With a view to organizing the locations of the exercise of activity and simplifying its procedures for entrepreneurs. 

H.E. Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri indicated that such procedures were designed to encourage entrepreneurship business and contribute to providing further services and economic diverse activities in Abu Dhabi.  Thereby leaving open the possibility for small-scale entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, and helping in the provision of broad service-related base in the Emirate.

H.E. Al Mansouri stated that ADDED issued 436 mobile vans’ permits, and 927 Tajer Abu Dhabi Licenses “mobile van class” over the past year. Affirming the commitment of the ADDED to create the suitable ideal environment for entrepreneurs holders of mobile vans’ licenses & permits in different cities and areas of Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the necessary standards and requirements. To ensure keeping their rights and upgrading their businesses. 

For his part, H.E. Hamad Al Mutawa’, Executive Director of Operational Affairs Sector, At the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, clarified that regulating the licensing mechanisms for Food-vending mobile vans will contribute to strengthening joint efforts of government entities in the fair redistribution of mobile vans to do this business. Whereas applications would not be considered until the completion of organizing locations in the areas & cities of Abu Dhabi and simplifying procedures in accordance with applicable standards and requirements.