84609 03 Feb 2019

Amour Comes to Couqley this Valentine’s Day

What's On Valentine's Day Listing

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, who better than the French to celebrate the day of love? Couqley, the cosy French bistro in JLT, welcomes guests to enjoy ‘The Love Menu’ on Thursday, February 14th - a three-course meal of authentic French flavours. 

Setting the scene for a casual/down-to-earth atmosphere, be transported to the street lamps and cobblestones of France and let romance take over while enjoying great food and conversation. The interior décor of exposed brick, dim lights and tinted glass sets the scene of charming Paris, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere and genuinely enjoyable time with familiar music that you will find yourself humming to. In addition, Couqley offers guests a loving personalized service with every experience from the exceptionally warm and friendly team.

Their signature Steak Frites is the pièce de résistance, along with homemade ravioli, and escargots de Bourgogne. Whether you prefer meat, fish or greens, the menu is varied enough to choose from. End the French amour feast with a Couqley’s classic Pain Perdu, the original French toast (aka forgotten bread). Alongside the pain perdu is a serving of vanilla ice cream, raspberries and a touch of fresh mint to refresh the palate.

Whether you’re going all out, or sharing this day with friends, Couqley is the perfect option this Valentine’s Day.

Price: AED 239/person for three-course meal; AED99 for a bottle of grape

Couqley- Burrata
Couqley- Crab cakes
Couqley- Escargots
Couqley- Free-range chicken
Couqley- Raclette Burger
Couqley- Saumon
Couqley- Steak Frites
Couqley- Steak Tartare
Couqley- Truffle Pappardelle Pasta


About Couqley:

Couqley is located in JLT, Cluster A, and open daily from noon - 2am. Complimentary valet parking is now available at the Mövenpick Hotel in Cluster A. For more information please call: 04 514 9339