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6666 08 Jul 2024

Dharmendra RS Promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Gilly’s

Dharmendra, an expert in turning things around, has shown strong resolve and effective leadership in steering the company through its toughest moments, and he is now stepping into this important position during a critical phase in Gilly's growth.

Bangalore, July 4th – Gilly’s, Bangalore’s iconic chain of restobars, proudly announces the promotion of R.S. Dharmendra to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Dharmendra, a bounce back specialist, whose unwavering determination and strategic leadership have been instrumental in guiding the company through its most challenging times, takes on this pivotal role at a crucial juncture in Gilly’s expansion journey. His never-give-up attitude has not only kept the company afloat during the post-pandemic era but also steered it toward significant growth. 

Under Dharmendra’s adept management, Gilly’s has thrived, evolving from its humble beginnings 12 years ago to a flagship brand with 14 thriving outlets across Bangalore. His expertise in navigating the lowest tides and capitalizing on opportunities has ensured Gilly’s continued success and resilience. 

 “We are excited to see Dharmendra step into the role of COO,” said Founder’s of Gilly’s. “His ability to turn challenges into opportunities has been remarkable. With his leadership, we are confident in achieving our vision of becoming the largest chain of restobars in the city and expanding our footprint across India.” We are targeting 150 cr turnover by next financial year . His brainchild the Super bar format soon be launched at Electronic City. This will be the first Gilly’s Super Bar , taking a leap from Restobar format where everything is going to be Super . Food, drinks , service and experience. Gilly’s is set to open several new outlets in the coming months, aiming to solidify its presence as Bangalore’s premier restobar chain. The company’s ambitious plan for 2025 includes expanding its unique dining and entertainment experience to major cities across India, bringing the Gilly’s vibe to a wider audience. About Gilly’s: Gilly’s is a celebrated chain of restobars in Bangalore, known for its vibrant atmosphere, exceptional cuisine, and live entertainment. Established 12 years ago, Gilly’s has grown into a beloved brand with 14 outlets and continues to expand, aspiring to become a national sensation by 2025.