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5683 06 Jun 2024

Minors Founders Day Celebrated at NH Collection Dubai the Palm

Minor Founders Day is thus a celebration of the founder's philanthropic spirit and a tangible demonstration of the group's core values.

Dubai, UAE, 4 June 2024 – Each year on June 4th, the Minor Group celebrates Minor Founders Day, a day that marks the anniversary of its founder, William Heinecke. On this special occasion, all properties affiliated with the Minor Group honor Heinecke's memory and legacy in a unique and meaningful way by organizing a charitable action. This tradition reflects the company's commitment to social and community responsibility, bringing together team members and employees to contribute to local causes. Minor Founders Day is thus a celebration of the founder's philanthropic spirit and a tangible demonstration of the group's core values.

In Dubai, the newly opened NH Collection Dubai the Palm, proudly affiliated to the Minor Group, celebrated Minors Founders Day with a special event, aimed at giving back to the community and supporting female blue-collar workers living in the UAE. The interactive activity took place at the hotel, where participants came together to create handmade care products using natural ingredients, while learning about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The initiative is designed to be both educational and impactful. Participants engaged in the creation of various personal care items, including toothpaste, deodorant, scrubs, and moisturizer. Through this hands-on experience, they gained valuable insights into sustainable practices and the importance of using natural ingredients in everyday products.

To add a personal touch, the participants packaged and wrapped the handmade cosmetics, placing them inside hand-decorated bags, which will be gifted to women living in Dubai's labor communities, showing appreciation and support to these much-deserving individuals.

"We are delighted to celebrate Minor Founders Day with an initiative that embodies our commitment to sustainability and community support," said Manish Jha, General Manager. "This event not only promotes environmental awareness but also allows us to give back to the hardworking women in our community who contribute so much to the fabric of our society."

This event is part of NH Collection Dubai the Palm’s ngoing efforts to foster a sense of community and promote sustainable practices. By engaging in activities that benefit both the participants and the recipients, the hotel aims to create a positive and lasting impact.



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