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8309 31 May 2024

F&B Excellence Awards: Restaurant Manager of the Year – Independent Outlet Gold Winner

Carolyne Wachu Kamanu of The Farm Restaurant has been recognized for hospitality excellence at the 2nd Middle East F&B Excellence Awards

Carolyne Wachu Kamanu, the adept Restaurant Operations Manager at The Farm Restaurant, has attained a significant milestone by securing the prestigious gold award for Restaurant Manager of the Year—Independent Outlet at the esteemed 2nd Middle East F&B Excellence Awards.

Carolyne's achievement underscores her exceptional leadership, dedication, and innovation in the hospitality industry. As the Restaurant Operations Manager at The Farm Restaurant, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to oversee day-to-day operations with precision and finesse, ensuring unparalleled guest experiences and operational excellence.

With this recognition, Carolyne Wachu Kamanu solidifies her position as a trailblazer in independent outlet management. Her commitment to excellence and her innovative approach to restaurant operations set a new standard for the industry, inspiring her peers and aspiring professionals alike.