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9262 29 May 2024

F&B Excellence Awards: Restaurant Manager of the Year - Hotel Gold Winner

Elsaid Saad Rakha of Coral Beach Resort Sharjah has been recognized for hospitality excellence at the 2nd Middle East F&B Excellence Awards

Elsaid Saad Rakha, the esteemed Restaurant Manager at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, has recently achieved an exceptional feat by winning the gold for Restaurant Manager of the Year—Hotel award at the prestigious 2nd Middle East F&B Excellence Awards. 

The Middle East F&B Excellence Awards, renowned for celebrating excellence and innovation in the food and beverage sector across the region, presented Rakha with this esteemed accolade during a gala ceremony attended by industry leaders and professionals. 

As the Restaurant Manager at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, he has demonstrated exceptional skills in overseeing the operations of the hotel's dining establishments with precision and finesse. His ability to create memorable dining experiences and his astute management of resources and personnel have contributed significantly to the resort's success and reputation.

The recognition bestowed upon Rakha by the Middle East F&B Excellence Awards reflects his leadership acumen, innovative approach, and relentless dedication to elevating the standards of hospitality. Under his guidance, Coral Beach Resort Sharjah has continued to excel in delivering exceptional service and culinary experiences to its guests, further solidifying its position as a premier destination for discerning travellers.

Joe Thomas, the Business Head at Danube Hospitality, and Raj Bhatt, a prominent figure in the hospitality industry, had the honour of presenting Rakha with the award, acknowledging his outstanding contributions to the field. Their presence at the ceremony underscored the significance of Rakha's achievement and further highlighted the industry-wide recognition of his exemplary leadership and professionalism.

In accepting the Gold award, Rakha thanked his Coral Beach Resort Sharjah team for their relentless support and dedication. He emphasized the importance of teamwork, innovation, and a customer-centric approach to achieving excellence in the hospitality industry. Rakha's win reflects his accomplishments and celebrates the collaborative efforts of the entire team at Coral Beach Resort Sharjah.