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22696 06 Mar 2024

Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards: Best Hospitality Management Company of the Year (International) Silver Winner

Accor Hotels is a collective force of individuals who are dedicated to placing people at the core of their endeavors.

In the dynamic landscape of hospitality, Accor Hotels proudly clinched the silver award for "Best Hospitality Management Company of the Year (International)" at the esteemed 2024 Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards, hosted by the renowned Hozpitality Group.

Accor Hotels is not just a global leader; it's a collective force of more than 300,000 individuals who are dedicated to placing people at the core of their endeavors. Fuelled by a genuine passion for service and an unwavering commitment to surpassing boundaries, Accor Hotels stands out with a robust ecosystem of leading brands, personalized services, and expert solutions that redefine hospitality and offer novel ways to experience the world.

With a diverse portfolio comprising 40+ hotel brands, 5,487 hotels, and over 10,000 restaurants and bars spanning 110 countries, Accor Hotels boasts a team of more than 300,000 dedicated members. The company's leadership is characterized by boldness and agility, thriving on open innovation, and embracing change, whether in terms of diversity, trends, or challenges.

Accor Hotels is not just a provider of accommodation; it is a forward-thinking partner committed to reinventing hospitality. The company's integrated hospitality ecosystem, industry-defining tools, and global scope with specialist expertise contribute to stable growth, driving performance and value for all stakeholders.

At the heart of Accor's success are its Heartists®, individuals who deliver the best service, extend warm welcomes, and care for guests with dedication. With a culture that nurtures empowerment and embraces everyone with openness, Accor Hotels places people at the forefront, expanding its world.

Moreover, Accor Hotels is steadfastly committed to sustainability, with a focus on making a meaningful impact by unlocking lifestyle experiences and shaping the hospitality of tomorrow. This commitment extends to collaboration with all stakeholders, including Heartists®, owners, partners, guests, and communities, as Accor Hotels envisions a future where hospitality is synonymous with positive experiences and responsible practices.