74798 23 Sep 2018

Review:- Kathiyawadi Express Karama in Dubai

Reviewed by Vandana Bhatt- MD, Hozpitality Group

I have been craving for a good Gujarati Thali since I visited Gujarat last year. We were hunting for a new restaurant for lunch in Karama when we stopped by Kathiyawadi Express. We had heard their ads on Radio Suno1024. We wanted to try something new in Karama and especially a pure vegetarian option.

Kathiyawadi Express serves authentic Gujarati food from Kathiyawad, if you are like me who don’t like sugar in their food, you would love it here. Most of us recognize Gujarati food as sweet food. This was quite relishing spicy food.


We were welcomed by the staff, it’s just a small simple restaurant but the service was awesome. As you sit, one member of the team comes with a saucer and big pot to wash your hands. It was quite like the resort we visited in Ahmedabad. Then the team of servers gathered around us to explain the varieties in Thali.


We were served with the starters, main course, desserts everything in one huge thali along with the salted buttermilk. OMG, the food looks so vibrant and tasted delicious. The serving is non-stop as per your diet, we could hardly get a second serving as we were already so full. After lunch, the hand-wash guy came again, 

We loved our meal at the Kathiyawadi express and would be returning back soon.

Phone: 055 546 1169