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24451 09 Feb 2024

Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards: Judges Choice for Culinary Inspiration of the Year

Saransh Goila is known for his innovative approach to culinary creations.

In a dazzling celebration of excellence within the hospitality industry, Saransh Goila, the Celebrity Chef, Co-founder of Goila Butter Chicken, TV Show Host, and Author, received the esteemed Culinary Inspiration of the Year award at the 3rd Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards. The grand event unfolded at the prestigious Shilp Wellness Resort and Spa in Mumbai, India, on February 3, 2024.

Known for his innovative approach to culinary creations, Saransh Goila gained widespread acclaim with his signature dish, "Goila Butter Chicken," a sensation featured on MasterChef Australia, where he also served as a guest judge. His culinary prowess and unique contributions have set him apart in the culinary world.

Saransh recognized as the youngest Celebrity Chef in the Top 10 Chefs in India by Forbes' Celebrity 100 of 2019, has significantly impacted the industry through various mediums. Hosting India's prominent TV Travelogue, "Roti, Rasta aur India," and being a guest judge on MasterChef Australia showcased his versatility. Additionally, Saransh initiated the hashtag #Sadakchef, promoting Indian street food and gaining a substantial social media following.

The culinary journey of Saransh is chronicled in his book, "India on My Platter," a food travelogue capturing the essence of local cuisine across the country. Saransh Goila received accolades from the Indian Hospitality Congress and earned a mention in the Limca Book of Records for achieving the milestone of being the first Indian Chef to embark on a 20,000 km road journey within a span of 100 days.

Beyond the kitchen, Saransh is passionate about fitness and travel. His hashtag #RunToEat translated into a web series capturing his running and eating adventures worldwide. He actively engages in marathons and has used his platform for social causes, initiating #MorningsWithGoila during lockdowns and "Covid Meals for India" during the second wave, showcasing a commitment to community well-being.

Saransh Goila's influence extends to the digital realm, as evidenced by his participation in YouTube's live-streaming show, One Nation, which aimed to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. Furthermore, his collaboration with Netflix on the show 'Menu Please' marked a significant foray into the world's leading streaming platform.

Saransh Goila's recognition as the Culinary Inspiration of the Year reflects his exceptional culinary skills and his diverse contributions to the industry through television, literature, fitness, and social impact initiatives.