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18430 25 Jan 2024

Claridge's Spa Introduces Luca Bagnara and The Pink Room for 2024

The spa launch Luca Bagnara and The Pink Room

January 2024: Claridge’s Spa, the ultimate haven of wellness and tranquillity located within the heart of Mayfair and spanning across 7,000 square feet, has announced two exciting new concepts to hotel guests and visitors.

Adding to a glowing roster of treatments and resident brands, Claridge’s Spa is thrilled to introduce celebrated massage therapist, Luca Bagnara and a brand new treatment space, The Pink Room, following the hotel’s groundbreaking renovation in 2022 when the Spa was first opened. Situated three floors down, the space and service continue to be signature five-star Claridge’s, with touches of the iconic timeless glamour synonymous with the hotel.

Luca Bagnara is internationally renowned for working in the field of remodelling aesthetic massages, including lymphatic drainage. Luca’s tailor-made experiences work to improve the appearance of cellulite and reduce water retention. In 2012, he opened his first institute in Sanary/Mer and has recently moved his practice to a discreet square in Paris. Most recently at The Maybourne Riviera, Luca has now joined Claridge’s Spa and is available in person every Wednesday. 

At Claridge’s, Luca will be offering his signature treatment, a skilful mix of lymphatic drainage and manual body shaping priced at £350.000 for 90 minutes. Beneficial results include an extraordinary boost to lymphatic physiology, helping to evacuate toxins, water retention and cellulite prevention. Remodelling, on the other hand, breaks down and diminishes cellulite and enhances skin texture. The combination of the two aspects makes it one of the most desirable treatments in the capital. 

In addition to this, Claridge’s Spa is set to open its seventh treatment space on Friday 1st March, The Pink Room. Taking inspiration from The Painter’s Room bar located within the hotel, this space will nod to restoration and deep nourishment within a powerful pink aesthetic. The beautifully designed pink onyx bed in the centre of the room is heated and the treatment is a modern take on a classic hammam, beginning with an aromatic steam to open the pores and “reawaken the senses”. A charcoal soap, infused with English mint and sugar kelp is then used to detoxify and cleanse the skin before you are exfoliated with a traditional fine textured kese mitt (which guests can also take away) to soften the skin and increase circulation. Aromatic rose water is then ladled over you before your chosen body mask is then painted onto your body. Whilst the mask is sinking into your skin, you will enjoy a hair cleanse and your treatment is finished with a chosen oil.

The Mask Bar includes:

  • Restore: Pink Clay infused with Rosehip, Adaptogen Schisandra, Evening Primrose, Cold Pressed Argan, Vanilla
  • Detox: Green Clay, Chaga Mushroom, Chlorella, Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus and Marjoram
  • Nourish: White Clay infused with Ground Coffee, Oats, Propolis, Extra Virgin Oil, Blackcurrant, Rose, Sea Water

Hattie David-Wilkinson, Director of Spa at Claridge’s commented, “We have had a fantastic first year and are delighted to extend our offering, following guest feedback. Luca Bagnara’s method had been hugely popular at The Maybourne Riviera, and we are delighted to welcome him to London as part of our roster of wellness experts. The Pink Room, inspired by The Painter’s Room, completes our treatment spaces; our team have been famous for mixing the perfect cocktail for years and, here, our therapists will blend bespoke scrubs and masks, echoing the tailor-made touches Claridge’s is synonymous with.”

The introduction of Luca Bagnara and The Pink Room treatment come as part of a vital new chapter for Claridge’s Spa. The team continue to renew and evolve the wellness experiences available and offer the most premium, innovative treatments for everyone to enjoy. 

Claridge’s Spa is open to both hotel and outside guests, Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm.  90-minute treatments include access to the pool. To book treatments please call 0207 409 6565.


About Claridge's

At the centre of London's Mayfair, Claridge's, part of Maybourne Hotel Group, embodies grand English style, timeless glamour and impeccable, intuitive and highly tailored service. It is London's art deco jewel, and home to elegant rooms and suites. From London's finest afternoon tea in the Foyer, to vintage champagnes at Claridge's

Bar and the Fumoir, and bespoke cocktails at The Painter’s Room, all are part of the hotel's unique splendour and charm.


About Luca Bagnara

Master massage therapist specialising in aesthetic treatments, Luca Bagnara hails from a charming fishing village on the shores of the deep blue sea. For the past ten years, he has been making his way in the world of well-being, guided by the aura of his healer ancestors, in the shadow of hills and fishermen's nets. He had long nurtured the dream of moving to Paris, the beating heart of art and culture. So it was that he settled on the bow of the Île de la Cité, in the heart of the Place Dauphine, where for the past two years, his practice has become the setting for a spellbinding, unparalleled sensory experience. An audacious creator, Luca has perfected an innovative treatment based on a skilful blend of lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite remodelling, enriched by the skilful use of tools made from Creuse beechwood. He is also behind the Maderothérapie® brand, whose noble mission is to teach a type of ancestral body contouring whose effectiveness on cellulite is unrivalled today. But his story is not limited to the City of Light: in the course of prestigious residencies, Luca shares his art with the world (Monaco, London, Bordeaux, Geneva), creating moments of well-being that transcend borders, and unveiling a story, a passion and a teaching with each new gesture.