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27887 27 Dec 2023

MEHEA 2023: Health and Safety Champion of the Year Silver Awardee

‘ibis and Adagio Aparthotel Doha’s security was recognized during the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards

In a commendable achievement, Isaac Ziwa, Security Manager at ibis & Adagio Aparthotel Doha, garnered the esteemed Health/Safety Champion of the Year award, securing the silver recognition at the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards on December 6, 2023. The award was presented by Galal Ghaly of TCL (Technical Chemical Laboratories).

Isaac Ziwa's dedication to ensuring health and safety excellence in the hospitality sector has earned him the well-deserved title of Health/Safety Champion of the Year. Serving as the Security Manager at ibis & Adagio Aparthotel Doha, Isaac has demonstrated exceptional leadership in implementing and maintaining rigorous health and safety standards.

The Silver recognition, presented by Ghalal Ghaly, is a confirmation of Isaac Ziwa's noteworthy contributions in championing health and safety practices. Ghalal Ghaly, the General Manager of TCL, played a key role in acknowledging Isaac's commitment to maintaining a secure and safe environment within the hospitality industry.

As a Security Manager, Isaac Ziwa oversees critical aspects of security and safety operations at ibis & Adagio Aparthotel Doha. His role involves implementing comprehensive security measures and ensuring adherence to health and safety protocols to create a secure environment for guests and staff.

This Silver Award reflects Isaac Ziwa's current achievements and his ongoing commitment to health and safety excellence. The recognition showcases the dedication of ibis & Adagio Aparthotel Doha and Isaac Ziwa's leadership in prioritizing guests' well-being and maintaining high safety standards.