16922 03 Oct 2023

Visit California is excited to announce the expansion of its External Affairs team

Visit California Announces Promotion of Angie Pappas to Associate Vice President of External Affairs and Media Relations

Sacramento, Calif. (Sept. 28, 2023) - Visit California is excited to announce the expansion of its External Affairs team, marking the beginning of a new chapter with the appointment of Angie Pappas as the Associate Vice President of External Affairs and Media Relations.


Angie Pappas, a dedicated leader in the hospitality industry, will leverage her expertise to spearhead the company's revamped organizational structure, focusing on an all-encompassing external affairs strategy. This strategy includes ongoing planning, disaster preparedness, messaging, and relationship cultivation with elected officials, media outlets, industry leaders, and consumers.


Before joining Visit California, Angie served as the Director of Communications at the California Restaurant Association for a six-year tenure. Her exceptional work in this role paved the way for her successful transition to Visit California, where she played a pivotal role in the development of the Dream Big Dividend campaign shortly after joining the team. Angie has since remained a steadfast member of the Visit California family for nine years. During her tenure as the leader of the Corporate Communications team, Angie achieved remarkable milestones, including enhancing the Tourism Board's Outlook Forum and improving the functionality and adoption of their industry website, among other accomplishments. Over the past five years, she has led the Global Media Relations team to unprecedented success and overseen the organization's public affairs strategies and tactics. In her new position, Angie will continue to oversee the PR team while also taking on the responsibility of supervising the organization's in-house Events team.


As part of this organizational expansion, Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager Dan Smith has been promoted to Director of External Affairs and will oversee a new role, Sustainability Manager.


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