36271 15 Sep 2023

Bistro des Arts reveals new menu set to sway taste buds in a reverie of delight

Where Authentic French Essence Meets Dubai Elegance in the Heart of Dubai Marina

Dubai, September 15, 2023 - Craving authentic Parisian cuisine? Look no further than Bistro Des Arts, the renowned French gem located in the heart of Dubai Marina. The quaint restaurant warmly welcomes guests with its traditional ambience and authentic new menu that truly captures the essence of la vie Parisienne.

Diners can enjoy a flurry of new dishes alongside some long-standing favourites loved by the venue’s loyal customer base. The new curation represents a perfect rendez-vous of the classic of French cuisine with a refreshing contemporary twist. Ranging from the delicate and flavourful 'sous vide duck breast (authentically sourced from France) with celeriac puree and blackberry jus', to the 'Beef short-rib with wild mushrooms in red wine,' the rich flavours will have your tastebuds a soulful experience. Guests can also look forward to the classic lamb shank, cooked till tender and garnished with fragrant herbs.

Much to the delight of loyal patrons, the regulars can still savour the cherished veal escalope and the zesty lemon and herb roasted chicken. To add a classic sweet touch to your experience, don't miss the opportunity to tantalize your palate with a carefully formed delicate soufflé.

Aligned with Gates Hospitality's commitment, the new menu is also curated with significant emphasis on sustainability in addition to re-introducing their classics. Their commitment to a farm-to-table concept ensures the freshest, zestiest and most succulent produce from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Not only does the new menu prioritize ethical sourcing from organic farms and eco-conscious suppliers, but it also aims to minimize food waste by utilizing all parts of the ingredients. Furthermore, the menu also offers sustainable seafood choices.

"We wanted to curate a menu that celebrates the essence of France in Dubai but also consciously focuses on it’s organic origins. We are at the same time celebrating authenticity of culture and the responsibility in promoting sustainable practices,” said Damien Caso, General Manager of Bistro Des Arts.


Bistro Des Arts is located in Dubai Marina, with stunning views of the Marina Promenade. The restaurant's Parisian décor, combined with its mouth-watering cuisine and warm service, has made it a favorite destination for French expats and food lovers in the UAE.


To book a table, contact: 04 551 1576 | Whatsapp: 058 647 8693 or info@bistrodesarts.ae