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36204 13 Sep 2023

Address Hotels and Resorts presents ‘Nuha’, an innovative virtual assistant that sets a new standard in luxury hospitali

Address Hotels & Resorts Unveils 'Nuha': UAE's First ChatGPT-Powered Virtual Hospitality Concierge

Dubai, UAE, September 2023 - In a move that redefines luxury hospitality, Address Hotels and Resorts has launched ‘Nuha’, a pioneering virtual hospitality concierge. This cutting-edge AI system, conceptualized and developed in-house, made its grand debut at the iconic Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, the week commencing 4th September 2023. This visionary step makes Address Hotels and Resorts the UAE's first luxury Hospitality Group to leverage AI specifically crafted for the hospitality domain.

‘Nuha’, or "نُهى" in Arabic, translates to guidance and self-restraint, capturing its essence of offering knowledgeable assistance to guests while upholding unparalleled service excellence.

Where many virtual assistants lack the nuance of human interaction, Nuha, powered by ChatGPT technology, offers guests a conversation that's natural, intuitive, and deeply personal. This ensures guests are not just assisted, but genuinely understood and valued.

Mark Kirby, Head of Hospitality, Emaar Hospitality Group, commented, "At Address Hotels, we merge technology with the heart. ChatGPT’s conversational capability combined with human warmth makes our guests feel truly seen and heard. This meld of technology and personal touch places Address Downtown Hotel at the forefront of hospitality innovation."

Nuha's comprehensive services include:

  1. Hotel Inside-Out: Beyond a mere directory, Nuha offers an in-depth tour of Address Downtown Hotel, highlighting everything from luxurious rooms to gourmet dining and tranquil spa sanctuaries.
  2. Emaar's Expanse: Nuha isn't limited to a single location. It's the passport to Emaar’s vast and opulent collection, giving a panoramic view of their splendid offerings.
  3. Dubai Unveiled: Whether it's iconic marvels or Dubai's best-kept secrets, Nuha is the aficionado, guiding guests on an unmatched journey through the city.
  4. Stay Current, Stay Connected: With Nuha, guests have their fingers on the pulse of Dubai, from vibrant events to cultural celebrations and noteworthy happenings across the UAE.

The introduction of Nuha نُهى marks not just a milestone but a new journey as Address Hotels & Resorts reiterates its promise to consistently pioneer and shape the ever-evolving tapestry of luxury hospitality, with more breakthroughs on the horizon.