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34557 09 Aug 2023

F&B Excellence Awards: Best Indian Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year

Kinara by Vikas Khanna is this year’s Judges’ Choice for Best Indian Fine Dining Restaurant.

Kinara by Vikas Khanna, located at the JA Lake View Hotel in JAFA, was a recipient of the esteemed Judges Choice Awards - Best Indian Fine Dining Restaurant at the prestigious Middle East F&B Excellence Awards.

Kinara by Vikas Khanna offers a remarkable Indian dining experience that combines authentic regional flavors with a modern twist.

Vikas Khanna, the visionary behind Kinara by Vikas Khanna, is an accomplished chef and a renowned restaurateur, cookbook writer, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Known for his diverse talents and contributions to the culinary world, Vikas Khanna has significantly impacted both in and outside the kitchen. Currently based in New York City, he has gained global recognition for his culinary expertise and creative flair. With over 20 years of experience and being one of the first chefs of color to earn a Michelin star, Vikas Khanna has significantly impacted the culinary world.

Renowned Chef Vikas Khanna's culinary expertise and innovative approach have led to the creation of a unique Indian dining experience with authentic regional dishes presented with a modern twist. Kinara takes guests on a sensory journey, offering a captivating ambiance, tantalizing aromas, and a visual connection between the menu and its preparation.

At Kinara, guests are taken on a sensory journey from the moment they enter. The elegant spice displays at the entrance exude enticing aromas, setting the stage for the dining experience. The main restaurant area features a Spice Market display, offering an opportunity to learn about the different ingredients used in the cuisine and their functions and benefits. Additionally, guests can catch a glimpse into the kitchen, establishing a visual connection between the menu and its preparation.

The recognition of Kinara by Vikas Khanna as the Best Indian Fine Dining Restaurant underscores the exceptional culinary experience it offers. Combining authentic flavors, modern presentation, and an immersive ambiance sets Kinara apart as a truly remarkable dining destination.