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39442 01 Mar 2023

Zamir Abbasi Included in the Most Commended HR Leader List

With over 20 years of experience, Zamir Abbasi currently holds the Cluster Director Human Resources position at Millennium Hotels Doha.

For more than two decades, Zamir Abbasi has been heading the Human Resources Departments of top Hospitality Brands, i.e., Hyatt Regency KSA, Ritz Carlton Bahrain, InterContinental Hotels Dubai, Radisson Blu Sharjah, and currently working as Cluster Director of Human Resources of Millennium Hotels Doha.

On group / cluster level, he worked as Corporate General Manager (HR & Training) of Elite Hospitality Bahrain, Group Director of Human Resources of Economides Group Dubai, and Group Director of Human Resources of Central Hotels Dubai.

A Professional Trainer, Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, Life & Career Coach, Author, Poet, Social Worker, and a CSR Champion.

Throughout his career, Zamir received the prestigious Awards of Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) and Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) from Toastmasters International (TMI) and Silver Winner of the ME HR & Training Hospitality Excellence Award 2021.

Zamir also attained many professional certifications, i.e., Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE) from the Educational Institute of American Hotels & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).