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28026 01 Mar 2023

Ayesha Aldhafri Included in the Most Commended HR Leader List

With over 15 years of experience, Ayesha Aldhafri currently holds the Director - HR & Administration position at D&B Properties UAE.

Ayesha Aldhafri is an Emirati HR professional with over fifteen years of experience in the field. She currently serves as Director of Human Resources at D&B Properties, a well-known real estate company based in Dubai. Ayesha began her career working at JAFZA, DP World, a semi-government entity, where she quickly became known for her strong interpersonal skills, tenacity, and leadership qualities. 

Throughout her professional journey, Ayesha has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of organizational development, talent acquisition and management, compensation and benefits administration, workforce planning, legislative compliance, performance management, leadership advisory, and training & development. Her track record includes developing strategies that positively impact employee morale while increasing process efficiency. Ayesha has also been instrumental in improving diversity programs within organizations and strengthening communication between employers and employees. 

At D&B Properties, Ayesha has been responsible for leading all aspects of HR management, from day-to-day operations to developing organizational structure changes to meet business objectives while guiding people and managers to align with corporate culture values and standards. With a unique combination of hands-on knowledge and strategic vision capabilities, Ayesha has successfully steered D&B Properties through periods of transformation and growth, creating an environment that encourages innovation and long-term success.