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20071 02 Nov 2022

Story of Aujan Interiors, how two college friends started successful business partnership in Dubai

The multi-skilled staff at Aujan can handle small-scale residential renovations to large-scale hotel interiors, from conceptualizing the idea to planning and carrying it out.

Written by Vandana Raj- MD, Hozpitality Group !

Hozpitality Group thanks Aujan Interior LLC for their partnership in the 8th Middle East Excellence Awards to be held at Arabian Ranches Golf Club on November 16, 2022.

Only a select few people in this world have the fortune to have good friends. Still, some of them are extraordinarily privileged because they have the potential to turn their friendship into a business partnership.

Manu Abraham and Nithin Gangadharan have known each other since they were classmates at university back in India.

They came to Dubai in 2010 with the dream of owning their own successful business. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength - they worked hard, saved their salaries, and are now the proud owners of the Aujan Interiors, a fit-out company with over 270 employees.


Aujan Interiors began its journey in 2013, starting small but always with ambitious goals and a vision for the future in mind. In the nine years of operations in the UAE, Aujan Interiors has completed more than 750 projects and trained hundreds of employees in their 25,000 Square feet facility in Dubai.

Before founding Aujan Interiors, Manu Abraham and Nithin Gangadharan had years of combined experience working in the UAE's civil engineering, building construction, and electromechanical contracting industries. Both are currently working for the firm as its founders and CEOs.

It is a genuine partnership - Manu takes care of the operational side of the business, and Nithin handles commercial and administrative matters.

Manu Abraham states, Just as every person has goals in life, as a company, we at Aujan have the same - we aim to be one of the best fit-out company in the UAE.

We work hard together as a team and drive the company forwards to fulfil our aims. We are careful to make the right decisions at the right time, to drive our growth forward whilst maintaining strength and stability within the company, Manu adds.

Aujan Interiors are very particular about the types of jobs that they undertake. They are committed to their clients and take great care to ensure that projects are always well managed and delivered on time and that the work is of the highest quality standard. Aujan has its own skilled workforce backed by a highly professional technical team to manage every stage of a project.

As the modern and luxury Interior Design in the UAE, Aujan Interior's portfolio includes Residential Design, Commercial Design, Hospitality Design, Healthcare Design, and Industrial Design. Offering excellent quality interior fit-out solutions, Aujan Interior Decoration LLC has been one of the UAE's most reputable and environmentally friendly contractors. Renowned for its knowledge and top-notch customer support. Additionally, they work on projects involving flooring, walls, electromechanical work, painting, ceilings, and partitions. They also work on specialty joinery projects.

Delivering upscale interior projects on schedule and within budget is Aujan's primary goal, resulting in savings and a better workplace for employees. Aujan constantly provides top-notch services attributable to its highly skilled, seasoned, and trained team.


The multi-skilled staff at Aujan can handle small-scale residential renovations to large-scale hotel interiors, from conceptualizing the idea to planning and carrying it out.

In Al Qusais, Dubai, Aujan's corporate headquarters, which spans 4500 square feet, uses cutting-edge machinery and high-end technology to design the newest interior designs. Aujan's clients include the top luxury hotel, restaurants, and retail brands.