129148 09 Jan 2019

Chi, The Spa Brings New Range of Organic Aroma-based Treatments to the Middle East

The multiple award-winning spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi partners with professional skincare line, Zents, to create new signature treatments.

CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi introduces an exclusive range of signature treatments with the healing qualities of Zents products.

The new treatment range is categorised based on different wellness needs and features personalised experiences like Age-defying Quench, Stress Relief Massage, Probiotic Heal and Hydrate and Vibrant Life.

At the start of the wellness experience, guests are asked to choose a preferred aroma which will act as the base note for the entire treatment.  The bespoke experiences at the award-winning spa are aligned with the four core scents of the Zents line – Mandarin, Ore, Oolong and Sun.

Each aroma, while beautiful on its own, can be mixed to create a personalised essence.  ‘Mandarin’, inspired by the spice markets of Thailand, is a warm and invigorating range that includes hints of ginger and cardamom.  Ideal for evenings, ‘Ore’ offers  a euphoric and stimulating experience with soft notes of clove, orris and ylang ylang.

Those looking for energy and balance can opt for ‘Oolong’, which also features lavender and lime scents.  Creating a calming and comforting effect is ‘Sun’, with the earthy notes of vanilla and sandalwood in addition to the healing properties of amber.

Vanessa Alegre, Senior Service Manager at CHI, The Spa, said: “Aroma is one of the brain’s most powerful memory triggers.  Each time you perform a Zents treatment, you are creating a memory.  The bespoke scent acts as a healing imprint, reminding each guest of their extraordinary time at CHI, The Spa.”

“We chose to work with Zents as its organic products echo the same sophistication and ethics of our spa.  The beautiful blends are both gentle for the treatment room and elegant enough for guests to wear all day.”

The 100 per cent cruelty-free products use vegan and gluten-free ingredients and do not contain any parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, dyes or sulfates.  The complete wellness line by Zents uses the power of clean ingredients like organic hand-harvested shea butter, organic aloe and lotus, and flower essences grown on a biodynamic farm.

The Age-defying Quench range uses shea butter, coconut oil, paracress and plant extract to help the skin feel softer, firmer and more youthful.  The organic flower essences and cashmere body oil in the Stress Relief Massage treatments soothes the skin and guarantees a relaxing experience.

The Probiotic Heal and Hydrate line renews and hydrates the body to ward off signs of premature ageing.  Meanwhile, Vibrant Life offers the perfect solution for those looking for a fragrance-free treatment while gaining the healing effects of the clean ingredients used by Zents.

For spa bookings, please call (+971) 02509 8900 or email chi.abudhabi@shangri-la.com.


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