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148063 27 Dec 2018

5 Amazing Things that you can Order from Hotel Room Service

Created and Published on behalf of Kirill Zhukov

These days, there are many things that can make you feel more comfortable during your hotel stay than just ordering room service. While old, traditional hotels still deliver a plate of pancakes under a silver cloche, some modern hotels are taking the concept of “hotel room service” to the next level - they offer their guests everything from electric guitars to “adult toys”.

In this article, you will find 5 amazing and even strange things that you can order from hotel room service.

Let’s go.

1) Guitar Room Service

If you do not know the difference between a Fender and a Gibson guitar, a menu of electric guitars probably will not impress you so much. In other case, staying at the Hard Rock Hotel will be what you have always dreamed about!

In this hotel, all guests have a special “guitar menu”, which consists of different types of electric guitars or other music equipment. People choose what musical instruments they want to have during their stay and get them at no charge. In order not to disturb other guests, they also get special headphones.

For guests who would like to get such experience, but cannot play the guitar, the hotel offers special video guitar lessons that people can watch in their rooms. 

2) Pillow Menu

It’s true that there’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed at home. However, you can easily change your mind once you’ve spent a night at the South Lodge Hotel or at the Kimpton Palladian Hotel.

Hotel guests can choose not just the type of room they like, but also the type of pillows they want to have in their rooms. The so-called Pillow Menu offers a large variety of pillows for guests to choose from. For example, if you’re a fan of a particular band or artist, you can order a “celebrity pillow” and sleep with it all night :)

As a rule, all pillows are available to purchase, so you can test many of them in the hotel, and then buy what you like the most.

3) Bath Barista

We all know who coffee baristas are and probably made friends with a couple of them at Starbucks. However, in some hotels you can meet the so-called bath baristas who will come to your room and prepare a bath specifically for you.

A professional bath barista will use bath salts and essential oils to draw a bath, which will help you relax after a long day. All you need to do is call hotel room service, make a request and dip into the warm, comforting bath water.

4) Customised Perfume

Some hotels offer their guests the opportunity to make their own perfume. Guests can request a visit from a perfumer who will work with them to create a personalized fragrance or a scented candle from about 50 scents contained in his suitcase.

This hotel room service is very popular, although it is not cheap: modifying an existing perfume costs about $300, whereas creating a custom fragrance is about $10 000.

5) Personal Barman

Of course, all hotel minibars have fruit juice and mini-bottles, but most people want to enjoy tasty cocktails made from them. Upon request, some hotels can invite a professional bartender who will teach hotel guests how to mix drinks and create cocktails they like. 


Here were 5 amazing things that you can order from hotel room service. Thanks to them, hotel owners can significantly increase the number of their guests and make their hotels competitive in the market. If you don’t use any of these trends, it’s high time to pay your attention to them.