87929 13 Dec 2018

Winter Trio- Burger Specials Sizzle Up the Grill at Eggspectation

No one does drool-worthy burgers quite like Eggspectation.

Dubai, UAE - When it comes to winter food, our minds drift to a hearty bowl of soup to warm up, festive turkey or desserts. However, you won’t find that here! At the iconic Canadian all-day dining eatery, Eggspectation, their version of comfort food comes in between two buns - burgers. Yes, one of the best comfort foods of all time has hit the grills at Eggspectation.  The head chef at Eggspectation has prepared three special winter gourmet burgers perfect for the season – juicy, cheesy & a little spicy all in one. Done in Southern-styles with toppings like avocado and sides like sweet potato fries, these burgers leave you feeling warm and fuzzy afterwards. Here are the trio to dive into only during the month of December:


1.The Buffalo Burger – AED 55

Have it your way, well-done or medium – still deliciously the same. This burger is sure catch. The Angus beef burger is grilled to perfection with the signature smoky hot buffalo BBQ sauce. The beef patty is adorned with slices of crispy Canadian angus beef bacon, melted brie cheese and roasted peppers. It is served with either French fries, sweet potato fries or mix green salad.


2.The Taco Burger – AED 55

Ever tried a taco burger before? Well this one is a must! No need to choose between a burger and a taco for this oozy indulgent bun has it all. The chef’s favorite grilled Angus beef patty is smothered with a special piri piri sauce over the spicy slaw. Adding more to its Mexican flavor, are the chops of avocado, slightly melted cheddar cheese and the mango salsa on top. It comes with a side of your choice – French fries, sweet potato fries or mix green salad.


3.The Southwest Burger – AED 55

This Southwestern-style burger has the right amount of tangy, salty and spicy taste in it that will tickle your taste buds. The grilled succulent Angus patty is topped with avocado, roasted peppers, cheddar, gruyere, swiss cheese and tomato salsa. French fries, sweet potato fries or mix greens are the choices for your side.


Satisfyingly good. These gourmet burgers are a treat during this season. No one does drool-worthy burgers quite like Eggspectation.