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Mexico's Unique Dining Experience at La Colección Resorts

A creative culinary offerings with inspiration from each region of the country.

Mexico City, Mexico (November 01, 2021) Food is a bridge between travelers and destinations, helping connect cultures and people worldwide. Mexico, famous for its hospitality, vibrancy, and culinary gifts, is a sought-after destination for food-lovers of all kinds. With culinarians looking forward to adventuring abroad to indulge in unique experiences and tastes,La Coleccion Resorts by Fiesta Americana highlights their creative culinary offerings with inspiration from each region of the country and around the world. With a diverse selection of 30 beaches and urban resorts located throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic, La Coleccion Resorts provides top-tier restaurant experiences, a dynamic array of live gastronomic presentations by hotel chefs, circus-themed and audio-visual installation dinner shows and poolside cooking demonstrations where guests can assist chefs in the making of authentic dishes. Properties from Cancun to Cuernavaca provide visitors with genuine opportunities to experience the tastes of new dishes in spectacular ways while presenting an abundant selection of international restaurants that cater to every palate.

"Our hotels and resorts pride themselves in providing visitors with an engaging and savory selection of culinary offerings," says Gerardo Rivera, Corporate Chef for Posadas. "We have worked to establish a more personable and entertaining food experience that also provides a fun cultural exploration for our guests through food telling. Our goal is to expose travelers to the art of cooking, characteristics of each ingredient and dish while demonstrating the role they play in bringing flavor to life. We find this philosophy helps us further showcase the dedication that is poured into every plate."

Dining becomes a journey through time at The Table, which offers a multisensory experience for guests dining atGrand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancn All Inclusive Spa Resort. The concept of this gastronomic journey through time consists of a venue for up to 20 dinners where visual projections surround the audience while delicious and carefully crafted dishes are served to accompany the mystical journey. The offering blends taste, vision, and hearing to create a fascinating immersive escape into Mexicos past dating back to the beginning of time and through the rise of the Maya civilization, the conquest of the Spaniards, and Mexicos subsequent triumph into independence. The multisensory experience showcases the geographical, cultural and artistic richness of the country.

Along with its international buffet, every Saturday night atLive Aqua Cancun, guests can dine at the poolside while watching a live circus show including tight-rope walking, gymnastics, and a variety of acrobatic techniques including aerial hoops, silk forms and movement routines. Additionally, the resort counts with an extensive lineup of dining options, including the Varenna, a casual Italian restaurant nestled under trees and accompanied by the sound of ocean waves nearby. The resort also features The Hidden Garden, a beautifully designed Asian restaurant that cultivates a peaceful ambiance within its garden enclave.

Housed at the center of a colonial-style Hacienda, La Molienda atFiesta Americana Hacienda San Antonio El Puenteoffers the finest authentic Mexican cuisine, international favorites, and a wine selection of 1,500 labels. Additionally, the resort features a dynamic cooking demonstration by the chef that gives guests an exclusive walk-through of the distinctive techniques involved in creating signature dishes.

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusiveis the ideal resort for a relaxing family vacation with a variety of activities to choose from and gastronomic experiences to explore. With its 13 restaurants, including Authentic Mexican, sushi, Italian, seafood, and Argentinian options, among others, the resort will satisfy even the pickiest eater in your group. Another notable activity at the resort includes the live cooking demonstrations offered by the resorts very own chef Josue, who prepares a traditional paella while delighting interested guests with knowledge about the dish and the secrets for making it to perfection.

As travelers continue to book vacations in the coming months, food, culture, and engagement will enhance their journey. La Coleccion Resorts' wide variety of dining options and experiences will ensure that every vacation from a couples getaway to a family adventure is amplified beyond just amazing food with standout presentations that help make your next trip one to remember.

For more information and to review the entire list of resorts within La Coleccin Resorts, visithttps://www.lacoleccionresorts.com/.


About La Coleccion Resorts

La Coleccion Resorts is a distinctive selection of 30 beach and urban resorts located throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Operated by Mexico's leading hotelier, Posadas, the brands within La Coleccin Resorts include: Live Aqua Resorts, exclusive luxury​, ​sensatory resorts with impeccable service; Grand Fiesta Americana Hotels Resorts, which celebrates the grandeur of Mexican hospitality through its cuisine and high-end services; Fiesta Americana Hotels Resorts, hotels that emphasize Mexicos architecture as well as its renowned warm and friendly hospitality; and The Explorean Discovery Resorts, nature-inspired ​soft adventure havens that offer superior accommodations. These award-winning properties are spread throughout some of the most favored beach destinations such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel in Mexico as well as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In 2021, the collection expanded to include urban resorts in cities such as Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Merida, Mexico City, Guadalajara, among others. Committed to providing travelers and employees with transparency and assurance, all the properties incorporate Travel with Confidence, elevated safety, hygiene, and flexibility protocols that were developed in collaboration with the ABC Medical Center in Mexico City and use 3M hospital-grade products. For further information, please visit:https://www.lacoleccionresorts.com/