95957 03 Oct 2021

Could you be the Paramount Director of the Year?

Paramount launches film competition in Dubai


Paramount Hotel Dubai launches the ultimate filmmaking challenge, "We Create Drama".Showcase your amazing work as the hotel sets its stage for all filmmakers!

If you are familiar with the charm of Paramount Pictures and fancy getting yourself involved in uncovering mystery and story telling; then this competition is for you!

Paramount Hotel Dubai is in search for the next team of filmmakers led by Paramounts Director of the Year 2022!

All you have to do is submit a 3-10-minute script of any genre with a crew, cast and equipment list. Upon the celebrity judge's choice, the best 15scripts will then be invited to be filmed at the Paramount Hotel Dubai.

The winning team will then be selected and granted the Grand Prize of film of the year. Other categories also include: actor of the year, actress of the year, sound specialist of the year, DOP of the year, and writer of the year.

To enter the competition, please submit your scripts

Each team must be up to 5 members, you may have more people in your team however only 5 members per team will be recognized.


To Qualify:

  • Please submit a script of 3 to 10 minutes maximum.
  • Scripts must strictly be standard screenplay format for consideration.
  • Scripts must be submitted with a tagline and synopsis.
  • Script must take place entirely at the Paramount Hotel Dubai and respect the Dubai laws and restrictions.


You may use any location within the hotel facilities and

  • Scripts must maintain the Paramount Picture standards and charm.
  • Scripts must be submitted with a crew, cast and equipment list.
  • Directors ' treatments, story boards, shot lists, and showreels will help your team's chances of selection.
  • We will provide filming location and catering. ApplicantsMUSTbe available to shoot in Dubai in the second week of January. The scripts can be any genre as long as it is set in the Paramount Hotel Dubai
  • The submission deadline is December 31st
  • Submit


How it works?

  • Once the top 15 scripts have been selected by our executive producers and celebrity judges the production dates will be allocated. Each crew can schedule only one full day of filming. With three days of editing.
  • Once all the projects have been filmed, they will be screened to the public at the paramount screening room. 5 per screening.
  • The top 3 will then be selected and screened at the closing gala along with the films awarded in other categories.
  • The winner will be selected by our celebrity judges and audiences.
  • The final team will be awarded with a group prize with the value of 20,000AED in hotel services with Paramount Exclusive A list membership cards, unlimited access to use the screening room for one year, and an exclusive contract with Paramount Hotel Dubai to create video content for the brand for one year!