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17119 30 Sep 2021

An Exciting Line-Up of Inspiring Events and Activities for Visitors of Ireland Pavilion at Expo 2020

The country of a thousand welcomes invites residents and visitors of the UAE to its Pavilion for an experience never to be forgotten.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September, 2021: Ireland is pleased to announce a host of wonderful activities and events taking place at its Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The island of inspiration and creativity brings its unparalleled hospitality to the UAE at this year's Expo, at its incredibly stunning Pavilion designed by Irish Architect, Ciaran O' Connor. The Ireland Pavilion strives to present Ireland asan unrivalled place of inspiration, with a long and deeply rooted heritage of ingenuity, imagination and innovation.With daily performances by musicians at The Courtyard and workshops with Coder Dojo, to the Expo World Choir lead by Irelands National Concert Hall and lively St. Patricks Day celebrations, the Ireland Pavilion in the Mobility District at Expo 2020 is a must-visit destination at the Worlds Greatest Show.


The Pavilion

Ireland's theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is Putting Creativity at the Centre of Human Experience in the 21stCentury. The pavilion draws inspiration from both classical western and Islamic architectural traditions. The building plan is made up of two conjoined, square elements. The first is fully enclosed and climate-controlled. The second is a cloistered courtyard. To one side is an enclosed room, with a glazed wall to the courtyard, which will house our permanent exhibition, We Are The Makers. The must-visit exhibition expressestheessence of Irish culture; art, literature, music and song.

Upon entering the Pavilion, visitors will step into the Oculus Room where theywill enjoy a short, high impact, immersive, visual and vocal experience of Irish culture, highlighting its theme for Expo 2020, followed by a striking digital display of the breath-taking Irish landscape on a slow-moving loop.

The Pavilion includes The Courtyard, where visitors can relax and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and regular music performances from The Expo Players, the Pavilions in-house ensemble, performing Irish music. The Expo players are drawn from a deep well of young Irish musical talent and will introduce visitors to Irish music, its history, instruments and stories. They will also create their own interpretations of songs from the Irish songbook, in engaging performances that will reveal the background to and history of the songs. With musicians rotating monthly, the Expo Players will reflect a young, talented Ireland and offer audiences an authentic insight into qualities of creativity and virtuosity that are flourishing in Irish music.

CommissionerGeneral of Ireland Pavilion, Pat Hennessy says, "Wearevery excited to welcome visitors from across the globe to our inspiring Pavilion at Expo 2020Dubai.We have an exciting programme which celebrates Irish creativity in all its many forms. You will be informed, be entertained and above you will be given a warm Irish welcome.Our visitors will see the exciting work of talented Irish designers, innovators and inventors.The Pavilion will offer a host of workshops for visitors of all ageswhether you want to be part of our Coderdojo groups, or tolearnmore about Irish music and culture. We also look forward to exciting events on which we are cooperating outside ourown Pavilion. Our visitors will certainly see why we say Ireland is a great place to visit, study, invest or do business."



For those seeking traditional Irish activities, the Ireland Pavilion will host a variety of lively events for visitors of all ages to enjoy over the next six months. Key events include the Expo World Choir at Jubilee Park led and created by conductor David Brophy in December. The Ireland Pavilion extends an invitation to all participating countries at Expo, Expo staff, hosts and guests to join them and each other for this incredible project which perfectly captures Expos collective and collaborative ethos.

This special Christmas will feature a specially created musical ensemble, guest singers and the Expo World Choir, performing the great Irish songbook in a unique international gathering in Jubilee Park. The song list will range from You Raise Me Up, to U2s One, as well as festive favourites. The choir will be selected, mobilised and coached online by David Brophy in the weeks preceding the event.

For Ireland's National Day, St. Patrick's Day on 17th March, the Ireland Pavilion willhost a variety of engaging events throughoutthe day to showcase the lively spirit of Ireland on the significant day. A key highlight will see Martin Hayes, one of Irelands most revered traditional musicians, lead a specially created concert exploring Irish music from its roots right through to a highly charged, contemporary rendition of traditional forms. Especially for Expo 20202, the Irish Songbook will focus on iconic Irish songs including classics from U2, The Cranberries, Hozier, Snow Patrol and The Corrs to name a few. On St. Patricks Day, special guests will perform both Irish traditional music and songs from the Irish songbook.



Creative workshops will take place at The Hamilton Room in the heart of the pavilion. The room provides a hub for a wide range of cultural, business and diplomatic conversations, connections and engagements during the six months of Expo. Visitors aged between 7 and 17 can enjoy free programming workshops lead by Coder Dojo, the global volunteer lead coding initiative for the youth community. CoderDojos work encapsulates the Expo theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. It also demonstrates the inherently creative nature of coding, thus adding another dimension to our theme of putting creativity at the centre of human experience in the 21st century. The Chester Beatty is the pre-eminent Irish museum promoting the appreciation and understanding of world cultures with holdings of manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia. Chester Beatty will provide displays and workshops at the pavilion and will contribute to intercultural and multi-cultural discussion at Expo. The Royal Irish Academy (RIA) will host a series of panel discussions featuring academics, creative practitioners, activists, public policy figures and politicians. Coinciding with the centenary of the Irish State, Expo 2020 provides an opportunity to showcase how creativity is an organising principle in Irish life exploring how, at different times in the States history, creativity in political, economic, scientific and cultural spheres led to positive change and at other times its absence has stalled progressive developments.

With insightful panel discussion, engaging workshops and unmissable events, the Ireland Pavilion at Expo 2020 is a must-visit destination for visitors of all ages. The Ireland Pavilion invites everyone to visit its inspiring Pavilion for guaranteed memorable moments with friends and family alike.

Stay tuned on 6th October 2021 for an unmissable announcement from Ireland at Expo 2020.

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About Ireland at Expo 2020:

Ireland at Expo 2020 is a project managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). The DFA is a department of the Government of Ireland that is responsible for promoting the interests of Ireland in the European Union and the wider world.

The theme of Ireland's participation will be 'Ireland Island of Inspiration'. Ireland will participate in Expo2020 through a self-build pavilion; an immersive exhibition; and a six- month programme of Renewal events. It is intended that Irelands participation at Expo 2020 will enhance its visibility and reputation as an attractive place to live, visit, study, invest and do business in the UAE, the wider MENA region and in targeted countries among the 192 participant nations. This will enable Ireland to maximise opportunities for economic, scientific, educational, social and cultural partnerships.