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15866 02 Aug 2021

Poland. Creativity Inspired by Nature

Mobility based, wooden-built Pavilion


The most spectacular element of the exhibition will be the "Polish Table" installation, which will become a place of cross-cultural meetings and welcoming the guests of the Pavilion, and at the same time, through an interactive, light projection, a place of contact with the Polish language. The "Polish Table" installation will be a unique work of art, created from the raw materials characteristic of our country, such as copper, glass, wood, ceramics and carbon fibers, with the joint effort of Polish craftsmen, artists and engineers.



A total of 150 students from Polish top Universities (speaking 50 languages altogether) will be showing the visitors over 2000m2 area of the Pavilion thought its 5 zones. The experience of over 20 thematic weeks thought out the EXPO journey, with diverse 10 Polish regions in-between inviting to their unique cuisines, business, achievements, and tourist attractions. Proud to share that outside and inside of the Pavilion one cannot miss the kinetic sculpture representing hundreds of migrating birds from Poland all the way to the Arab Countries Creativity Inspired by Nature.



On behalf of General Commissioner of the Polish Pavilion Mr Adrian Malinowski I would like to kindly pick your interest on the following and significant dates at the Pavilion:

1 October 2021 Inauguration and Opening of the Polish Pavilion by Polish Government Officials

11 November 2021 Poland National Day and Frederic Chopin Piano Concert

6 December 2021 Polish Arab Economic Forum

7 December 2021 Polish Day at EXPO