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101579 19 May 2021

2021: The Year of Revenge Travel

Revenge tourism after the COVID-19 outbreak.

2021 is the year ofRevenge Travel? People around the world are talking about revenge tourism, that is, travel post-Covid pandemic. People who love to travel and are stuck at home due to coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns. Coronavirus is such a buzz killer for thetourism, travel, and hospitality industry,but as soon as herd immunity is achieved in communities worldwide, people will travel again and in a much bigger way. They might add more days and destinations to their vacation plan. The developing anxiety of the pandemic might result in demand for more luxurious stays and high-end restaurant reservations. Making it a big deal because they have lacked it all for a very long time.

As spring break begins, somehotel companies in the United Statesare experiencing a boom in tourism for up to 35% jump and climbing. Trust and tourism are closely tied to Covid; with vaccination up and declining covid cases, there is new confidence for people in the United States.

Followingrevenge tourism, millions of Chinese citizens are traveling across the country after staying in lockdown for almost a year.Travel booking sites in China have confirmed hotel bookings have increased in the last few weeks. Holidaymakers are traveling through scenic destinations to seek revenge tourism post-Covid.


How Big be the Revenge Travel and How long will it last?

It is difficult to say how big of an effect will be of this revenge tourism? It will certainly depend on when the countries will reopen for travel and tourism. Most of the countries around the globe have shut down borders and only allow essential travel. Canada has restricted travel and closed borders with the United States for over a year. Europe allowed their citizens to travel through the EU countries, which later was closed to due to the rising cases of Coronavirus. Once the borders open and flights run in full swing, people will want to book and travel to their favorite destinations. Disney Parks just recently opened its doors for American citizens.

Many people had to cancel theirflights and holidaysfollowing the Government restrictions and lockdowns. These people will be willing to rebook and plan their vacation once they can do so.

The effect ofrevenge tourism might last for at least one year. One of the significant roles in this will be the facility of having remote working. Most of the major companies have allowed their staff to work remotely until further notice. Experts say the hybrid working models are here to stay. It gives holidaymakers an edge to travel anywhere in the world while continuing to be working remotely.


What are the needs of a revenge traveler?

The world will never be the same; tourism post-Covid will require hygiene, cleanliness, safety. Hotel groups and Independent hotel chains have invested in providing a safe experience to their guests. The information about the health guidelines and safety protocols can easily be found on their websites. Companies have spent heavily on buying PPE, enhancing new contactless technology, and creating a safe environment to enable a good experience for travelers who want to treat themselves once again.


What are the budgets and habits of a revenge traveler?

The expectation is that the revenge traveler is someone who has a huge desire to travel again after weeks and months of lockdown. An example is when China reopened its economy after the lockdown and opened the luxury retail, they recorded the highest sales in one day. We can expect the same thing in the luxury segment.

Most of the travelers' post covid might want to upgrade their hotel rooms and amenities with extra services in the package. Even though fewer guests are traveling, the companies might need to enable them to spend more by offering attractive packages and deals.