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87378 11 May 2021

Rating and Review: Why are they so Important for Businesses?

Rating and reviews are excellent sources of feedback.

Businesses need support from their customers now more than ever. According to the reports, 70% of companies could shut down during COVID.Small businesses, retail, and hospitality companies have faced a massive hit in the pandemic. You, as a consumer, can support and show loyalty to your favorite brand or business by reviewing and rating them onSocial Media.

Before planning our trip, we jump to the internet and check out hotel reviews.Rating and reviews are excellent sources of feedback. It helps the other consumers to learn about product innovations and sheds light on the unique features. Millennial and Generation Z shoppers want to see the reviews before buying any products or services. It gives the companies an edge over others; the studies also help link building andSearch Engine Optimization. Ratings and Reviews help in building trust and credibility.

If you've been eating out with the family on Friday nights or hanging out in a bar with friends on the weekends, it's time to go online and submit your reviews online and help them survive the most difficult times in the century. Your negligence can cost them permanent closure. It will help them reach more customers and afloat until normalcy returns to life.

Reviews are an integral part of businesses during the internet age. You enjoyed a memorable stay in the hotel, leave a review once you return, and applaud the employee who assisted you during your stay. Your feedback can enhance the career of that employee. Things can always not be pleasant; if by any chance things don't meet your expectations, instead of posting negative reviews about the company, reaching out to the management will be a better idea. Inform them about the issues, and they might not solve the problem but reward you for your kind gesture.

While positive reviews help sell more products and services, companies can take advantage of negative reviews in improving their services. Reacting to the negative review in a most decent manner will encourage the consumer to return, reflecting on the brand image. The customer should always feel that you care about them and do everything necessary to provide a better experience. Companies should take the negative review as a hidden opportunity. has just launched the Rating and Review section for companies, Institutes and Suppliers,hospitality professionals, and studentsto rate their colleges and Employers,Hotel Management Institutes, and otherhospitality suppliers. It will help the companies to rank better and visibility inSearch Engine Optimizationon various search engines. These reviews can be found on the company's mini-site.

Hospitality professionalscan rate their previous employers and write a review to help other job seekers understand the company culture and environment before applying for their jobs.

Hotel Management Students and Alumnican rate their colleges and leave a review for aspiring students waiting to enter the education system.

Hospitality Companiesand professionals can rate thehospitality suppliersand leave a review about their products, delivery, and services.