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45378 10 Feb 2021

Cruise Saudi Welcomes Two Industry Heavyweights

Cruise Saudi hires Mark Robinson and Miguel Reyna, two cruise and cruise terminal industry experts who will help guide the strategy, development plans and business scaling for the company

  • Robinson, previously of Global Ports Holding formerly of Intercruises Shoreside Port Services, is an established industry expert with extensive expertise in developing ports as a destinations and as centres of excellence for passenger services and experiences
  • Reyna, previously of Royal Caribbean Group, brings extensive experience initiating, planning and developing port investments in some of the most important cruise markets around the world
  • Robinson joins as Chief Commercial Operations Officer, and Reyna joins as Chief of Development Asset Management Officer


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 9th February 2021: Cruise Saudi is welcoming two global cruise industry experts who will be joining the Cruise Saudi team in Jeddah in the coming weeks, bringing a combined 58 years of experience to the organization.

Mark Robinson (previously of Global Ports Holding Intercruises Shoreside Port Services) and Miguel Reyna (previously of Royal Caribbean Group) will lead business growth and oversee asset development for Cruise Saudi as it continues to establish itself within the industry.

The dual strategic hires follow the successful launch of Saudi Arabia's first-ever dedicated cruise and terminal developer in Cruise Saudi. Both Robinson and Reyna will be guiding the infrastructure development and suite of cruise and ship and passenger services that will be scaled in the preliminary business phase for the organization.

Miguel Reyna is a recognized cruise industry professional with a deep understanding for creating, planning, financing and implementing worldwide marine infrastructure and cruise terminal development investments. Reyna specializes in collaborating with governments, investors and local players in every market to establish win-win solutions that enable cruise infrastructure to promote long-term cruise industry growth while embracing sustainable cruise tourism principles.

Mark Robinson is a highly celebrated c-suite executive who brings extensive knowledge of commercial, operational, change management, passenger services and guest experiences from within the cruise and tour operating business. Recently, Robinson has led the development of ancillary services and retail operations for many of the worlds largest cruise port terminals. His experience as head of business development for EMEA and Asia Pacific Region with Global Ports Holdings will help shape the business strategy for Cruise Saudi and its ports.

Commenting on the transition, Robinson noted that, "I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to be part of building an entirely new market from the ground up. It is a unique chance for anyone in the cruise industry to take on a different kind of challenge, in a newly opened part of the world. It doesnt hurt that Saudi Arabia's coastlines along the Red Sea and the Gulf Coast are some of the most attractive and intriguing destinations imaginable to establish new cruise ports and destination experiences."

Reyna adds "I've been highly impressed by the business excellence that Cruise Saudi plans to deliver to the cruise market. The thought that has gone into Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination under Vision 2030 and the commitment to preserving cultural and natural treasures is inspiring to say the least. I'm excited to hit the ground running to deliver the cruise infrastructure that will make these rich and unique Saudi treasures available to all cruise guests and to make tangible economic impact for the local communities."


About Cruise Saudi

Cruise Saudi is a 100% PIF-owned business based in Jeddah, KSA formed to develop the infrastructure and services required to scale a full-suite cruise market along the Saudi coastline. The company is responsible for the port development at key Saudi destinations as well as scaling cruise services from marketing, to Shorex coordination and vessel operations. Cruise Saudi is working hand-in-hand with regulatory and ministerial authorities to develop the cruise ecosystem offshore and onshore so that the Saudi coastline will become a premiere global cruise destination.

Saudi Arabia's coastline is the nexus between classic Mediterranean destinations and a multitude of Indian Ocean hotspots, offering a pristine maritime route for cruise goers from around the world. Positioned a mere 3-hour flight from 250 million people in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cruise Saudis ports and routes along the Red Sea will welcome cruise passengers to discover the authentic treasures of Arabia and beyond.

Cruise Saudi aims to create 50,000 jobs via the cruise industry by 2035, and preliminary studies indicate that the company will be able to facilitate approximately 2 million annual passengers along Cruise Saudi destinations and supported cruise voyages.