81909 02 Dec 2020

Mokha 1450 and Nourish Dubai Announces Partnership

The innovative specialty coffee brand, Mokha 1450 is delighted to announce a new partnership with Emirati-owned eatery, Nourish, at Al Khawaneej Walk.

Starting today, coffee connoisseurs of the UAE can enjoy Mokha's award-winning specialty coffee crafted by their team of baristas, in the ambient surroundings of Nourish' new location in Al Khawaneej.

The partnership debuts Mokha 1450's new Ethiopian Sidamo Segera Grade One Coffee, exclusively available at Nourish, and produced by world renowned coffee producer and certified Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Expert, Heleanna Georgalis.

Garfield Kerr, CEO of Mokha 1450 says "I believethat Nourish and Mokha 1450 are two strong Emirati brandsthat are known for excellence, and as such, the collaborationseemed natural. Nourishis quite unique in that they present clients with an uncompromising culinary experience of only natural healthy and delicious high quality food, and Mokha 1450 will complement the Nourish offerings with exemplary 90+ rated coffees that can be found nowhere else, including Nourish's signature offering of a limited edition Grade One Coffee fromHeleanna Georgalis, the producer of several Specialty Coffee Association national and World Championship winning Coffees."

Abdulla Altayer, co-founder of Nourish adds; "I am equally looking forward to this partnership and believe it has immense potential for future growth and success. This collaboration will with no doubt enhance the specialty coffee offering for Nourish in Al Khawaneej Walk."



A place for serious coffee connoisseurs in Dubai,Mokha1450is undoubtedly the Heart of Coffee.Mokha1450is an innovative coffee brand that has pioneered a number of coffee industry practices that have subsequently been adopted globally, such as offering every coffee brewing method available, tableside coffee brewing, exclusive coffees that are available nowhere else, as well as the coffee lounge concept that serves Non-Alcoholic coffee based Mocktails in the evenings, amongst others.

Mokha 1450 actively support and source their coffee directly and almost exclusively from female-run coffee farmers and cooperatives across the globe.Mokha1450has worked tirelessly with female farmers in Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Yemen, as well as other coffee origins and has engaged in a number of community-based projects to enrich the lives of the farmers.Mokha1450uses the "direct trade" model to work directly with farmers without a middleman and always pays farmers a much higher price than market rate so as to share Mokha 1450s profits and fairly compensate the farmers, whom the company views as equitable partners, for their efforts.


About Heleanna Georgalis' coffee

A Natural Sidamo Segero Grade One 90+ Coffee, produced in the Sidamo/Bensa Woreda/ Segero Kebele Region, at an altitude of 2000-2100 above sea level. Farmed by Segero Farmers, this Heirloom Varietal Coffee is natural processed and exceptionally aromatic. Customers can expect flavours of bold strawberry, cherry, blackberry, and notes of grapefruit.

Price:AED270 per 250g bag. Available by the cup at Nourish as a brewed coffee; Chemex, Aeropress, Syphon, Turkish Coffee, etc. From AED62-AED155 depending on brew type.


Opendaily, 10am-12am.Mokha1450x Nourish, Last Exit, Al Khawaneej, Dubai, www.mokha1450.com(04 283 9991).