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49236 09 Nov 2020

Hotels Answer the Call to Help Communities

Alma Resort’s staff come together to help devastated communities in Central Vietnam

The new Alma resort and its staff are answering the call to help victims of the Central Vietnam floods, donating relief packs and gearing up to help rebuild battered communities. More than 600 staff at the Cam Ranh resort have contributed to 700 relief packs that include sugar, milk, canned food, backpacks, pens and notebooks. The packs are being distributed to people in need in Ha Tinh, Hue, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Quang Nam in co-ordination with the Hope Fund."It's early days yet but our plans include repairs to homes and schools, livestock and poultry donations and the provision of seeds and tools,"said Alma's general manager Herbert Laubichler-Pichler.

The Anamand its staff have banded together to donate money to fund 145 packs brimming with essentials for families affected by devastating flooding in Central Vietnam. The packs put together by the team at the Cam Ranh resort include rice, canned food, cooking oil, fish sauce and life vests. The packs were distributed to families in the hard-hit villages of Tien Lai and Tien Trao in Quang Tri provinces Vinh Linh district, where the military and police personnel were dispatched to assist and evacuate residents, trapped by floodwaters, to safety."We couldn't just sit there and watch the news about the terrible events in Central Vietnam; we felt compelled to do something to help the people devastated by the floods,"said The Anams executive assistant manager Ye "Peter" Chang Sheng."We really hope that these essential items we've donated go some way to help families as they strive to rebuild their lives."

Laguna Golf Lang Co's world famous family of water buffalo greenskeepers have helped the club reap a record rice harvest: the fruits of which are going towards feeding members of the local community in Central Vietnam. The bovine brood has been bolstered by the birth of Lulu, a new baby daughter, who joins fellow recent arrival Luna, eldest calf Bao and father and mother Tu Phat and Chi Chi in the workforce.The extra sets of hooves have dramatically boosted productivity with the club gathering 28 tonnes of rice from the seven-hectares of fields right in the middle of the Sir Nick Faldo Signature layout a record harvest-time haul. The bumper crop will be used to support the organic farm at Laguna Lang Co and donated to families and seniors in the area who are in need of extra support as a result of the pandemic."The communities that have limited economic means have been hit the hardest by the economic downturn that has resulted from the global pandemic,"said Adam Calver, Director of Golf at Laguna Lang Co."The fact that we are able to donate even more rice to locals who need it most this year was a really positive outcome for our edible golf course."