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57260 05 Nov 2020

Morpho Hotels and Resorts set to launch in the UAE with Further Expansion in the Middle East and Africa

The hotel brand is to open in the UAE with five new properties

04 November, Dubai, UAE Morpho Hotels Resorts, a trendy, business, luxury lifestyle brand has announced its official brand entry into the Middle East market, and it will soon open its doors to the UAE residents and tourists in 2021. The advent of the pandemic has brought about a change in a traveller's expectations while choosing a hotel. The brand aims to revolutionize the hospitality industry in the region with the introduction of new hotels equipped with optimized and digitized operations with a strict adherence to the highest levels of hygiene and safety to deliver an exceptional experience for all its guests.

Inspired by the evolution of technology, the group will introduce five new properties to cater to three types of travellers, 'Morpho' for business, 'Crystal' for lifestyle and 'Vivid' for luxury travellers.

Dipinder Benjamin, CEO of Morpho Hotels and Resorts commented, "We are very excited to open our doors to travellers in the UAE. Despite the various challenges presented by the pandemic, we are committed to launch our next phase of growth bringing with us a fresh approach to the hospitality industry. The Morpho brand will provide affordable and accessible accommodation with the highest service standards in conjunction with intuitive technology."

The Group also announced its strategic partnership with Wakira Investments, a Dubai-based seasoned foodinvestment company, which owns popular local restaurants including Kulcha King, Nom Nom Asia and El Greco. The partnership signals the Morpho hotels commitment to expand its footprint through joining forces with Wakira Investments in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Iraq, and the Levant.

Nader A. Bassit,CEO of Wakira Investmentssaid, "Morpho's vision and ambition are a perfect match to Wakira's DNA. Morpho Hotels has a strong leadership team backed by decades of experience and innovative management systems. Wakira Investments is a blend of solid professionals and seasoned shareholders, both with many years of market experiences ranging from hospitality, retail, food processing, investments, to restaurants, and is keen on bringing growing concepts to its region. We look forward to collaborating together with Morpho to elevate the hospitality experience in the Middle East with a well executed concept that will resonate with business and leisure travellers."

Middle East's hospitality industry will start recovery in the Q4 of 2020 and this will continue in 2021, according to Colliers International's MENA Hotel Forecast report for 2020-2021. In 2021, hotel stay demand in the UAE is expected to recover to 62% occupancy on an average and up. UAE will get a boost from the Expo Dubai in Q4 of 2021 as well as smart initiatives driven by the UAE visionary government. For example, driven by the endorsement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai at the end of 2019, tourism was responsible for contributing an impressive 11.5 per cent in GDP value of the Dubai's tourism sector that was ranked one of 'Top 10' strongest economic share generators, according to the World Travel Tourism Councils Cities report 2019. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia will continue to benefit from on-going tourism initiatives, upcoming mega projects, and domestic tourism. The investment of USD 810 billion is planned to boost its tourism sector over the next decade, Colliers International's report said. With the GCC countries widening their horizon in terms of tourism offerings, experts also report that locally-based visitors are increasingly choosing regional travel over international travel with the UAE and other GCC countries have been at the forefront for its business and luxury hospitality offerings thanks to its attention to detail including safety.

The Morpho Group was launchedin line with the quality and safety vision, all its properties will cater to the needs of every traveller and include advanced sanitation and hygieneguidelines to personalized services for those who value comfort, safety, and luxury. From providing a professional and experienced team for centralized reservations to a simplified booking system leveraging BI technology, Morpho will spoil all guests with a safe and immersive experience. Digitalized monitoring, contactless journey, curated experiences, bespoke loyalty and promotion programmes, enhanced FB options, business luxury leisure offerings - all of this will also be part of the Morpho journey at each hotel. For more details,visit

About Morpho Hotels and Resorts -

Inspired by an almost magical creature, the Morpho Group is named after the Morpho Butterfly. Aiming to revolutionize the industry, Morpho Group is committed to redefining hospitality and creating a healthy ecosystem by supporting independent hotels move towards optimized and digitized operations along with delivering superlative experience for all those associated with it - be it guests, employees, or partners.

Launched during the changing times because of the pandemic and the rise in the adoption of New Normal, the brand understands the need of every type of traveler from basic sanitation and hygiene guidelines to personalized services and delivers the same without compromising on the luxury and comfort of the guest.

With its presence in India, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Iraq and Levant countries, the company aspires to launch properties across three verticals, "Morpho" for business travelers, "Crystal" for lifestyle travelers, and "Vivid" for luxury travelers with disruptive management practices end-to-end support. Striving to take the traditional values of the hospitality industry up a notch by implementing higher standards of service in conjunction with intuitive technology, the Morpho Group is a gateway to transformation.

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