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28569 03 Nov 2020

Supermeal Launch in UAE

Supermeal is an online food-ordering platform.

  • Innovative benefits and rewards for the first time in the field of food-ordering services
  • Instant cash rewards for customers and a lower commission rate for restaurant owners
  • Currently, over 1000 restaurants joined the "Super Meal" platform

The online food-ordering platform, "Supermeal" announced today (3 November 2020) the launch of its journey into the UAE investment market, offering exceptional and innovative features for both the consumers and restaurants.

These unique features include an instant cash-back system on orders ranging from 5% to 30% of their value, in addition to enabling customers to obtain permanent cash credit in their electronic "Supermeal Wallet" to be used in subsequent orders.

Supermeal explained that these advantages are permanent and continuous throughout the year for all consumers, emphasizing that the platform aims to support restaurants in all possible ways, which include providing them absolute freedom to deliver orders through the restaurant itself or through Supermeal's delivery service.

Regarding the advantages of cashback, the new platform indicated that customers can also obtain rewards and cash credit in their Supermeal Wallet with the "Refer a Friend" feature, which allows them to refer their friends and families to download the application and receive cashback rewards each time they place an order. Additionally, customers can benefit from the "Share n' Reward" feature, which enables them to share their orders on social media for guaranteed cash in their e-wallets.

Supermeal CEO, Qutaiba Al-Ali stated that over 1,000 restaurants have joined Supermeal so far, explaining that it is more than just a platform for ordering food online. It provides a comprehensive concept that aims to create a beneficial effect on the market, as services are not limited to ordering and delivery. Rather, it is possible to also reserve for dine-in and pre-order for take away.

He added, "We have witnessed the launch of many prosperous companies which began their journey of success in the UAE and have now effectively dominated the global market. The investment environment here is extremely attractive, and consumers are open to innovative ideas and new experiences."

Al-Ali continued, "During this challenging period of the global Coronavirus Pandemic, restaurants have struggled with online food ordering and delivery platforms due to the total dependence on delivery and the commitment of the public to stay at home, all together with the increase of commission on orders. We aspire to improve the current situation by providing exceptional services to customers while ensuring great support for restaurants by not charging sign-up fee, renewal fee or any hidden charges and accepting a minimal commission rate."