94509 30 Oct 2018

Sesame Celebrates a Year of Healing and Nourishment

'Nourish N Heal' is Sesame’s philosophy and commitment of sharing knowledge.

Sesame Restaurant in partnership with Hands In Hope celebrated the year-long success of its monthly community event Nourish N Heal. It was a perfect gathering of all the past Guest Speakers & Supporters who helped them further embrace Sesame’s philosophy and commitment of sharing knowledge.

The guest’s enjoyed the evening that featured the esteem Dr. Faryal Luhar, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at The Hundred Wellness Centre. She engaged the audience in a lively talk on Skin Deep – how natural strategies help in youthful healthy skin and overall health. Some also experienced the wonders of energy healing with well-known, Dubai-based practitioner Barbara & skin analysis by Herbal Essentials.

As with all of Sesame’s well-attended Nourish N Heal events, guests were treated to delicious canapes as well as nourishing gift bags.