93539 28 Oct 2018

Instagram ‘goals’ at Istanbul’s Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

The artisanal gem calls to travellers looking to curate visual master masterpieces across their social platforms

There have been an increasing number of younger travellers that seek out their next adventure based on none other than how aesthetically appealing their social feeds will appear as a result. Bearing this in mind, many a country as well as hospitality providers have attempted to create picturesque glimpses into their heritage, lifestyle and offerings, to draw in the Instagram-led traveller.

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahment, has made no such additional efforts, however is still undoubtedly amongst some of the most visually spectacular properties in all of Istanbul, a feat achieved through paying homage to the rich architectural styles of the empires that have shaped the history of Turkey.

Guests to the property are treated to a feast to the senses from the minute they cross through the property’s majestic pearl encrusted gates, which set the tone for the rest of their unique stay. The brawny timbre doorways that hold the luxuries of the property behind them, are set against a contrasting lattice of intricate marble work, that rings true to the artistic styles that have proven popular in past years. Overhead domes and painstaking symmetry can be observed from the entrance and throughout the property, making for a breathtaking series of images, capturing both a visit as well as showcasing the very history of Istanbul’s design. Touches of gold are embedded throughout, giving the hotel its inherently regal feel. The lobby sees breathtaking handcrafted mother-of-pearl furniture for guests to relax and unwind; or an opportunity for the perfect snap. 

The rooms themselves highlight the opulent lifestyles lived by the many generations past, incorporating luxurious colour palates of rich brown, gold and cream hues, which when combined with the metallic silvers accents seen, create a truly remarkable sight. Visitors and their Instagram followers, are sure to be enthralled by the attention to detail, made abundantly clear through the property upholding the Turkish history wherever possiblefrom the ornate side tables and bright diwans to the lush carpets and elaborate wall décor.

Not to be overlooked is each room and suite’s ensuite bathroom, whose pristine white interiors are given a cultural uplift through the mosaic of Seljuk tiles that line the walls. Bright labyrinthine designs make their way across the gold detailed bathtubs, offering yet another picture worthy moment in the most unlikely of locations.

Outside the reaches of the property, the city itself is an artistic masterpiece to behold, deftly weaving ancient historical design and motifs in with the growing modernization of its allure. This can be seen on every street corner, as citizens and guests alike make their way through a metropolitan city bursting with vibrant culture and historical splendor. From amidst the busy squares of the city, one can catch glimpses of the turrets of the iconic Blue Mosque, or marvel at the multifaceted lure of the imposing Hagia Sophia. 

Guests to the property are guaranteed an aesthetic stay unlike any other, within a property whose every element serves to reflect the history and culture of its host city, making for a truly marvelous social feed for the duration as well as long after their stay.

The room rates at Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet start from AED800++ per night and major flight operators offer more than 5 flights daily, from Dubai to Istanbul Ataturk Airport.


About Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

The very first of the Ajwa brand, the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is a five-star boutique hotel, providing guests with the grandeur of the past, presented in a modern sophisticated manner. Opened early 2017, the hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the majestic Old City of Istanbul Turkey.

The 61-room property adopts the most sublime elements of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, adding to its understated glamour. This is further reflected in the collection of art and in the contemporary colour palette of the hotel.

The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, Istanbul’s only dry luxury hotel, bestows upon its guests the ideal setting in which to take in and appreciate the layers of history that surrounds them. It’s old-world Turkish splendor only serves to amplify the experience.

Drawing inspiration from numerous historical artifacts and stories, the property comprises of family rooms, deluxe rooms, corner units and the luxurious Sultan Suite. The quaint Sukkari Patisserie, the signature Zeferan Restaurant featuring rich flavours of Azerbaijani cuisine, the Afiya Spa with a traditional Hammam, and an exclusive Bentley-chauffeur driven service for guests, are amongst the many amenities and services offered at the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet.

For more information, visit www.ajwa.com.tr