99838 22 Aug 2020

Live Parrot Show at Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Popular hobby among Emirati youth contributing to attracting more visitors to Ajman

(Ajman – August 22, 2020): Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) hosted a live parrot show at Al Zorah Natural Reserve in collaboration with the UAE Parrots Group to raise awareness for this hobby which is gaining an increasing interest among Emirati youth and contributes to attracting more visitors to Ajman. The number of participants in the 45 minutes live show reached 11 amateurs from the UAE Parrots Group with 18 Macaw parrots.

Parrot breeding is an interesting hobby that brings together many young people who meet to share experience and have a good time. Ibrahim Al-Marai established the group with a team of Emirati youth who have aspirations to raise awareness for this hobby by conducting various activities, events and performances that showcase the capabilities of the trained parrots at several tourist destinations in the UAE. The group includes now many new members in addition to the ladies team that supports achieving the group objectives.

Ibrahim explained that he has started this hobby since he was a child and mentioned that he has a group of parrots from different breeds. He created a safe environment to facilitate the parrots' reproduction and in the process of arranging for new exhibitions, activities and public shows across the country.

HE Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, ATDD Director General, said: “Ajman Tourism Development Department is keen to support the Emirati youth and host various activities that contribute to attracting more visitors to the emirate and consolidating Ajman position as a favourable destination for the UAE residents and visitors.”