32901 21 Aug 2020

Celebrate this Long Weekend at Mezza House Downtown Dubai

Levantine inspired set menu for 4 people at Mezza House

The iconic restaurant, Mezza House in Downtown Dubai is offering an infusion of Levantine cuisine and live entertainment this Islamic New Year with a special set menu for 4. 

Diners can bask in the Yarmouk River Valley influenced surroundings and enjoy a set menu, priced at 199 AED.   Gourmet dishes on the menu include fresh Fattoush and Tabbouleh salad, Cold and Hot Mezze dishes, main courses - Mini Mixed Grill, Main Course (Tabkha), or the signature daily dish and 4 deliciously cool mocktails. 

Children under 10 can experience the delights of a free pizza on the house.

Where: Mezza House, Downtown, Dubai

Cost: 199 AED

When: Offer is available on Sunday 23 August,4 pm - 7 pm