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93695 22 Oct 2018

Bespoke Trailers Transforms Business Ideas into Mobile Unit

Mobile businesses are becoming fixtures across Dubai’s increasingly cutting-edge business community.

In the past few years, the UAE has witnessed an increase trend of businesses seeking to move away from conventional ‘Bricks & Mortar’ sales models to more versatile options. In many cases, businesses are interested in a competitive advantage of reduction in overhead costs, increased brand exposure, profitability gains and pursuing more creative concepts. Mobile businesses are becoming fixtures across Dubai’s increasingly cutting-edge business community. With an innate understanding of the mobile business market, Bespoke Trailers, the premier custom trailer manufacturer in the GCC, has established a niche market delivering higher-quality mobile business units across virtually all of the UAE’s possible business segments. 

Situated in the heart of Al Quoz along Sheikh Zayed Rd, Bespoke Trailers’ recently launched the first mobile business unit showroom in the Middle East, presenting a wide range of trailer units that can potentially be converted into a seemingly endless array of mobile businesses. What was once a staid VW camper van, can now be reinvented into endless possibilities from a beachside taco joint to a mobile charity fundraising unit. Former shipping containers more used to carrying commodities across the world now have a second chance at life as a glamorous showcase dedicated to up and coming jewelry designers. Old-school wheelbarrows can be reinvented as mobile beverage carts at wedding celebrations. All trailers can be enhanced to include an extensive spectrum of capabilities from fully-functioning integrated mechanical electrical pluming system through to a complex and multifunctional mobile DJ platform. With Bespoke Trailers, business potential is only limited by a client’s imagination.   

While much of Bespoke Trailers’ business is found within the F&B sector, the company’s diversified portfolio has extended their services into other industries including healthcare (think of a mobile blood bank at a farmers market), beauty (anyone up for a pop-up pedicure at a concert?) and advertising (how about a mobile billboard with flashy LED lighting). In recent customer enquiries, Bespoke Trailers has identified a need within the energy generation space offering mobile units to solar power-plants unserved by conventional power grids.

The team at Bespoke are further differentiated in their potential by offering 360º consultancy services via their sister-company Flip International, a leading F&B consultancy in the GCC. As a regionally recognized team of consultants and engineers, Flip provides clients and entrepreneurs with turnkey solutions from securing compliance with government licensing requirements, concept and brand development, specialised equipment design and providing crew employees.

Bespoke Trailers Co-founder, Jamal Wick highlights that, “What sets Bespoke Trailers apart from other trailer manufacturers is not only that we are passionate about what we do, but that we guarantee our clients the delivery of a superior end-product. Our work begins from conceptualizing the brand and concept to building the trailers according to each customer’s very particular specifications.” 


About Bespoke Trailers

Established in 2018, Bespoke Trailers is a UAE-based mobile unit manufacturer and retailer offering cutting-edge customized trailers created locally in Ras Al Khor. With short lead-time, the company designs, conceptualizes, manufactures and distributes trailers tailored to business needs and specifications.  Bespoke Trailers’ distribution channel currently stretches across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and Morocco.