110267 16 Jul 2020

Delicious Pinsanity - Emirates Staff Discount Offer

Home-grown pinsa restaurant launches EK staff discount available from 7th to 21st July 2020

Dubai, July 2020: This summer, home-grown Pinsa brand, Pinsanity, is launching a special discount for all Emirates staff in the UAE. For two weeks, from 7th to 21st July, Emirates staff can use the code EK30 to redeem a 30% discount when ordering directly through their website. A uniquely Italian concept, known as the cousin of the Pizza, Pinsa is stone baked in a wood-fired oven with traditional dough ingredients such as wheat, soy, rice flour but fermented for up to 72 hours - making it light and crunchy on the outside while still fluffy on the inside.

The Pinsanity menu promises simple and fresh flavours that will leave diners wanting more without ever feeling guilty for having that extra slice. Menu highlights include the Truffle Snuffle (AED43) - a cheesy delight which comprises of fresh black truffle shavings, Italian buffalo mozzarella and Parmesan, and the classic Brrrrrrata (AED41) which features classic Italian burrata, fresh basil and baked on a tomato sauce base. Those looking for a greener alternative can also opt for the Over The Veg (AED36) pinsa which is generously covered in tomato sauce and mozzarella or vegan cheese, topped with brown mushrooms, oven-roasted bell peppers, black olives, broccoli and corn. With a unique serving size, all Pinsanity pinsas are prepared to satisfy any craving without overdoing it.

Craving something sweet? Diners can order the Nutjob (AED34), a dangerously delectable dessert made with crushed hazelnuts, ricotta and Nutella generously spread over a wood-fired pinsa. Alternatively, customers can tap out with the Knockout (AED14), a large cookie loaded with rich, creamy chocolate.

Direct orders can also be made through Pinsanity’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Social Media: @tastepinsanity

Website: tastepinsanity.com


About Pinsanity

A few centuries ago, some Romans thought “let’s take some wheat and other yummy stuff, mix it into a dough, really stretch it out and see if it’s good enough to offer to the gods!” Those nutjobs were our ancestors and I guess we’re still as crazy today about this amazing thing called Pinsa.

Pinsa was created before the invention of pizza in ancient Rome, using a mix of cereals. This mix of flours and a high water-content makes pinsa low in calories, extremely light and digestible; perfect for avoiding a food coma. The dough is stretched out into an oval shape, unlike its round cousin aka pizza.

At Pinsanity, we bake this fluffy cloud of dough inside our wood-fired ovens to create an irresistible flavour and crunch on the outside, while the pinsa remains soft on the inside. We top off our signature pinsa with premium Italian ingredients from the great “boot of Europe”.