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110862 20 Jun 2020

Standing for Equality and Inclusion

Message from the Worldchefs President

Paris, 15th of June 2020- 

Dear Readers, Followers, Friends, Colleagues and People from all around the world,

I believe it is time to discuss what we have all been experiencing lately due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. This should be a sign to all of us on how to respect each other, our neighbors and the entire world population. It should also be a sign on how to  respect animals, creatures and Mother Earth.

We have all endured many months of pain, hard feelings, uncertainty, fear and a very unclear future has made us feel worried and scared. 

All these are signs, which we should not ignore, however at times our character is hesitating, resistant and stubborn.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has cleared up a bit and some have moved on to the next crisis of racial conflict.

Can’t we all live peacefully together? It is very shameful for us as human beings, as we are the most advanced and intelligent creatures on the planet. 

We are all born innocent. We are all the same and made by God the Almighty with a very short and limited time on earth.

What’s happening now? We are again seeing disrespect of other cultures, races, beliefs and genders around the world caused by ignorant people in some cases which are destabilizing the peace on earth due to non-acceptance of others.

Can the world not be the shining planet we are all dreaming of? Can we not be polite, humble and caring? Can we not be logical and understanding towards each other and our communities? Can’t we learn how to respect and tolerate others?

It’s time for changes and to work together to make the world a better place for all.

Say “Stop” to Discrimination! “Go” for Inclusion! and “Support Equality”!

Chefs, please go forward and show your friends, colleagues, neighbors and the world that we are ready to help make a change, to accept and support each other, to be wise and set examples for others to follow.

Life is too short to waste any second. Shape up and be the difference.

WORLDCHEFS is going into this direction with 110 member countries, millions of members globally, accepting all beliefs, races and cultures to be part of it.

I am counting on all the people who read this message to be willing to help build a better world! No discrimination, no mobbing, have tolerance, express wisdom, humor and peace in your mind and soul.

We need to ensure future generations will still be able to enjoy the beauty of each other and live peacefully on a healthy Mother Earth.

Written by a man who has traveled the world, visited 189 countries and speaks 9 languages.

Food for your thoughts,

Thomas A. Gugler