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44410 25 May 2020

Lords Hotels Gears Up for Travel Boom

Enforces quality and safety standards across all its properties.

Lords Hotels and Resorts enforce quality and safety standards across all its properties. Each property receives scores to meet cleaning quality requirements and completing the COVID 19 checklist.

Their leaders regularly conduct an online meetings with the hotel team to identify the potential threat for both guests & staff alike and eliminate it at the earliest. They are also in touch with the local public health authorities to receive the latest updates on rules and regulations. The hotel manager and another team member who has been designated as the COVID WARRIOR along with team and other employees at all levels are trained to work remotely as it is the best way to prevent the risk of spreading disease. The Warrior oversees that all systems set are in place and no staff or guest takes a short-cut to the same.     

Rishi Puri, Sr Vice President of the group commented “In line with government rulings we have implemented procedures that put the safety and wellbeing of our guests, our employees and localities at the forefront. He further explained how Lords is upping the game and even at Mid Market Levels how they have gone beyond mundane stuff to ensure every touchpoint is covered” 

Lords Hotels and Resorts are one of the fastest-growing hospitality chains in the mid-market segment. Since the company’s inception in 2008, it has grown to be a chain of hotels spread across 11 states in India and also a presence in adjoining country Nepal.